Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2059

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The other Great Sovereigns looked at Jiang Chen with tranquility. For them, joining the Golden Clan was an extreme honour for an outsider like Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was bound to be extremely excited and would be extremely grateful towards Scarlet Heaven Sovereign. 

But for Jiang Chen, joining the Golden Clan or not wasn’t really important. It was just for the sake of fighting against the Barbarian Race. Moreover, Wu Ningzhu was already the saintess of the clan and also his wife, hence he was already half a clansmen. 

However, Jiang Chen cannot accept the offer now, because he had something important to do. 

“Patriarch’s good intention could only be declined with thanks. I’ll depart to the Barbarian World after my visit today,” Jiang Chen said.

His trip to the Barbarian World must not be hidden, because he wanted to ask for some help from the clan. 

“What?!” After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, dozens of high ranking people on the scene exclaimed. 

They were originally furious because of Jiang Chen’s rejection. But it immediately changed into shock after they heard that he wanted to go to the Barbarian World.

“Jiang Chen, are you joking? I fear that you’ll immediately die after reaching the Barbarian World with your cultivation level, ” a Great Sovereign said without restraint. 

“Jiang Chen, why do you want to go to the Barbarian World?” Jin Chixiao asked.

“To save someone,” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“Save someone?” Jin Chixiao was startled.

“Yes, I have a good friend, who’s the saintess of the Wuke Family in the Barbarian World. We’re life-and-death friends that had ascended together.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Why did your friend ascended to the Barbarian World? Furthermore, how do you know that your friend is in the Wuke Family?” A Great Sovereign asked. 

“Fellow seniors, please listen to me. My friend possesses the complete Barbarian God Bloodline. Hence, she automatically ascended into the Barbarian World. You guys should already know the importance of her bloodline, and the Wuke Family had already trained her to become their clan’s saintess. Wuke Family’s intention was obvious, they would extract the Barbarian God Bloodline from her body the moment she reached the Great Sovereign Realm. If the Barbarian Race obtained her bloodline, their strength would grow exponentially, it would be disastrous for our world. Not too long ago, I happened to bump into this friend of mine in the Desolate Ancient Land while I was on a rescue mission. Coincidentally, the barbarian prodigies were undergoing a trial and I killed many of them, which had caused a major disturbance. Which led to the patriarch of the Wuke Family to personally come for me. I would’ve died back then if it weren’t for my friend defending me with her life.” 

Jiang Chen told them what had transpired back then and the importance of the Barbarian God Bloodline. He believed that these people would surely understand. 

“The Bloodline of the Barbarian God.”

Everyone’s expression changed, including Jin Chixiao. Because they realised that Jiang Chen’s mission to the Barbarian World this time wasn’t just to save his friend but to also prevent the bloodline from falling into the hands of the Barbarian Race. The consequences would be disastrous if the Barbarian Race really obtained the bloodline. An extremely powerful existence would be born and the Immortal World would become helpless against it. 

At the same time, their gaze towards Jiang Chen slightly changed again. It was a proud feat to be able to get away from the patriarch of the Wuke Family, no matter what his method was. 

The ferocity of the patriarch of that family was something they clearly understood. 

“Some time has passed since the opening of the Desolate Ancient Land, I estimate that my friend is about to reach the Great Sovereign Realm soon. Therefore, time is of the essence. I must try even if the Barbarian World is an extremely dangerous place.”

Jiang Chen resolutely said, his tone was firm, leaving no room for discussion. 

Jin Chixiao and the others were moved once again, and their gaze toward Jiang Chen changed once more. From the initial look of appreciation to a look of high importance. 

This young man values affection and loyalty highly. He would not hesitate to go to the Barbarian World for his friend, disregarding his own life. Without talking about whether he would succeed or not, they were convinced from his resolution alone.

“Jiang Chen, if this one is right, your cultivation level is only at the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm. How do you plan to go to the Wuke Family and save your friend with your current strength?” Jin Chixiao said. 

“Naturally, I would act according to circumstances. I’ve faced many Barbarians before, I’m already clear about their characteristics. I could disguise myself when I sneak into the Wuke Family, it shouldn’t be hard. Furthermore, my cultivation method could greatly suppress the barbarians. Of course, it’s not about how I do it, but I must do it. The trip to the Barbarian World is a must.”

Jiang Chen paused for awhile and continued: “Of course, I would’ve departed to the Barbarian World immediately. But I came to the Golden Clan to see whether I could get any help before I depart to the Barbarian World. Since the your clan is the bane for the Barbarian Race, maybe I could get some help in facing them.” 

“Jiang Chen, are you implying that the experts of the clan to follow you?” A Great Sovereign said. 

“Of course not. The qi of the Golden Clan is too thick and it cannot be masked. The Barbarian Race is certainly very familiar with it. I fear that they would instantly discover us the instant we step into their world. Then, the act of rescuing my friend would be less of our concern, we might not even walk out of there alive. The Barbarian World is the headquarters of the barbarians, not even Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign could come out unscathed if he were to follow me. I could disguise myself if I were to go alone.” Jiang Chen said.

If it’s just to ask for help, he didn’t need to come to the Golden Clan. Not even Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign nor the Ninth Grade Great Sovereign of the Golden Clan could easily walk into the Wuke Family and save his friend. And even if they really managed to snag her out, they still wouldn’t be able to walk out of the Barbarian World alive. 

“Jiang Chen, your rescue mission on the Barbarian World is filled with danger. However, the Barbarian God Bloodline must not fall into the hands of the barbarians. So, our clan would support you. I could give you a treasure that would help you on your trip, but you have to fight for it.” Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign said. 

“Patriarch, please continue.” Jiang Chen said. 

“In the past, Golden Sovereign sealed the Golden Clan away with a supreme technique, and preserved our clan’s life. When he died, the Gold Feather Fan was left behind and had been regarded as the clan’s treasure. But the fan possesses a spirit, and would choose its own owner, not even I could control it. Hence, the clan had decided that the young prodigies of the clan would compete for it and gain its approval two days later.”  Jin Chixiao said. 

“Patriarch, Jiang Chen is an outsider, he does not qualify to compete for the Gold Feather Fan.”

“Yes, Patriarch. Jiang Chen is an outsider. ” 

The high ranking officials quickly understood Jin Chixiao’s meaning and hastily tried to stop him. Even though they had acknowledged Jiang Chen and was a benefactor of the clan, the Gold Feather Fan was still the clan’s sacred treasure. How could an outsider take a hold of it? 

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