Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2058

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A hundred zhang tall golden gateway was seen, two giant pillars towering up towards the skies on both sides with ancient runes and design carved on the pillars. A divine life-like bird was floating on top of the gateway with a pair of scarlet-golden wings, holding its head high, giving off an extremely noble aura, making others feel awed instinctively. 

At this moment, there were at least 20 strong golden warriors standing guard in front of the gateway. Jiang Chen scanned through them and found that there were at least at the Immortal Emperor realm, indicating the strength of the Golden Clan. 

“Welcome, benefactor.”

The leader walked towards Jiang Chen and greeted him with his fist clasped. His words and stance were extremely respectful. 


This title caught Jiang Chen off-guard. It’s true that he had helped the Golden Clan, but it’s not to the degree of being called their benefactor. Even if those prodigies back then were to enter the ruins of the Golden Clan, they still wouldn’t be able to stop the clan’s reappearance. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had obtained something great too, the Sun Divine Feather. 

Most importantly, the gaze of the leader was akin to an acquaintance looking at Jiang Chen. At least it felt like he knew Jiang Chen, however this was Jiang Chen’s first time meeting with him.  

“Little Chen, do you remember the group of golden warriors in front of the gateway of the Golden Clan?” Wu Ningzhu said with a laugh. 

Jiang Chen suddenly remembered that there was a group of golden warriors when he and Big Yellow was blocking everyone’s advances in front of the gateway. But those warriors were sealed, he could only see their approximate outline and had never taken any notice of their facial appearance. 

Looks like these guards were that group of golden warriors. 

“Benefactor, our lives would have perished if it weren’t for your help. We were sealed and couldn’t unleash any strength, and would’ve needed to sacrifice our lives to stop them if those people were to break into the clan,” the leader spoke. 

The things that happened in the Golden Horizon was recorded and spread to every clansman of the Golden Clan. Hence, there wasn’t anyone who did not know about Jiang Chen. 

Meaning, he had already become a famous figure even if though he hadn’t stepped into the Golden Clan yet.

“It was something that’s needed to be done.” Jiang Chen smiled, not wanting to take the undeserved credit. 

“Alright. I need to take him to see the patriarch.” Wu Ningzhu said. 

“Yes. Saintess.”

The guard leader saluted Wu Ningzhu and made a welcoming gesture. Wu Ningzhu had become the saintess of the Golden Clan, possessing a fearsome Third Grade Great Sovereign realm cultivation base, the guards were naturally respectful towards her. 

Wu Ningzhu led Jiang Chen into the Golden Clan. The place was filled with golden-mountain ranges, with an abundance of temporary palaces and ancient pagodas that were all made of gold. Their main colour tone was gold, the people who entered would feel like they were bathed in a golden sea. 

The patriarch lived in the central palace of the Golden Clan. Wu Ningzhu led Jiang Chen and flew towards the said palace. 

The palace was ten zhang high, gold in colour, and a plaque hung above the palace with the words ‘Grand Scarlet Heaven Palace’ inscribed on it. 

It was Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign’s palace, the most exalted one in the Golden Clan. 

At this moment, the palace door wasn’t closed. Jiang Chen followed Wu Ningzhu and entered without obstruction. 

The giant palace appeared to be somewhat spacious. There were a dozen high ranking officials sitting in the grand hall. Jiang Chen immediately felt an extremely strong pressure thrown onto him the instant he stepped into the hall. However Jiang Chen’s expression did not change and he did not waver under such terrifying pressure.

The high ranking officials of the Golden Clan silently nodded their heads when they saw it. Their gaze towards Jiang Chen now had a shred of appreciation in it. 

Jiang Chen looked around and found that the weakest amongst them was at the Seventh Grade Great Sovereign realm, with six Eighth Grade Great Sovereigns present. It was Jiang Chen’s first time seeing such a terrifying lineup.

This was definitely not the Golden Clan’s full strength. Jiang Chen estimated that there should be a powerful Ninth Grade Great Sovereign in the back of the Golden Clan. 

The Golden Clan wasn’t under the Sovereign Domain’s control. Hence, the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign experts in the clan were not required to enter Sovereign Domain. They were an independent clan, a peak existence in the Immortal World, there wasn’t anyone who could make the Golden Clan do their biddings. 


Wu Ningzhu greeted the middle-aged man sitting on the top. The man looked like he was in his forties, possessing a square face with eyes those of a tiger, and straight eyebrows slanting upwards, and there’s a golden light shooting out from his pupils. He gave off an extreme mental pressure even though he was just sitting there without moving. 

He was wearing a golden robe, with various supernaturally courageous golden divine crows embroidered on it. He was the patriarch of the Golden Clan, Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign, Jin Chixiao. 

“Jiang Chen greets the patriarch and seniors.”

Jiang Chen greeted with his fist clasped. He knew that the people present here were those who had lived through endless years, those that had lived from the ancient era. 

However Jiang Chen understood that the Golden Clan was sealed for tens of thousands of years with their overall strength improving overtime. Which was evident with their strength. 

He had to be courteous and respectful when facing these kind of people who had contributed immensely to the Immortal World.  

“Jiang Chen, be at ease, we know of your contribution to our clan. Hence, you’re the first guest after the clan’s emergence. From now on, you’re the Golden Clan’s honoured guest.” Scarlet Heaven Great Sovereign said. 

Scarlet Heaven had seen the records of Jiang Chen’s strength and talent. In addition to his poised performance here today, Scarlet Heaven’s impression of him was very high. 

“This one doesn’t dare.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Jiang Chen, the clan has prepared you a place to stay, you can stay here anytime in the future. You can use the cultivation resources of the clan anytime too. The new catastrophe is bound to come, only by continuously growing one’s strength could one withstand the catastrophe.” Jin Chixiao added. 

His words were filled with hints of trying to win Jiang Chen over. He even prepared a residence for Jiang Chen, as if he was preparing to add Jiang Chen into the clan’s register. 

Moreover, the Golden Clan’s resources could be used anytime. Anyone from the Immortal World would’ve fainted out of excitement upon hearing these tempting conditions.

Joining the Golden Clan! It was a dream that countless of people yearned for! 

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