Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2054

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There was a blood-curdling scream coming out from the void. Under the hundreds and thousands of gazes, Ling Liqun’s long spear pricked through Hu Yong’s chest while being attacked madly by Jiang Chen’s terrifying Slaughter Dragon Seal. He was killed on the spot. Meanwhile, horrible things happened to Li Yanghu, his skull was crushed by Dragon Shisan.

Following the tragic death of Hu Yong and Li Yanghu, Star Sovereign had become isolated in the Immortal Court, without any powerful warrior standing by his side.

Everyone in the Immortal Court was speechless at this moment. The result of the battle was out of everyone’s expectation. Jiang Chen was a sudden rise, and everything that had happened was too terrifying. Although Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign were still fighting fiercely, Jiang Chen had completely turned the tide on the battlefield. He alone managed to turn the situation around and reversed the course of events.

Star Sovereign was doomed.

No one felt hopeful of Star Sovereign’s outcome at this moment. The best ending for him was to run away successfully, and seek his own opportunity to stage a comeback in the future. However, there would no longer be a place for Star Sovereign in the Immortal Court.

“Elder Ling, let’s join hands and attack Star Sovereign. Don’t let him run away,” Jiang Chen said to Ling Liqun.


Ling Liqun nodded his head. The two of them immediately headed to the highest point of the battlefield. Ling Liqun was not foolish as he knew how much trouble Star Sovereign could cause. If they did not eliminate Star Sovereign today, peace might not come in the Immortal Court in the coming days as Star Sovereign was ruthless and tough. 

Moreover, now was the best moment to eliminate him.

Their figures flashed, rushing towards the battlefield. The two of them and Heaven Sovereign besieged Star Sovereign from both sides, catching him in the middle. The battlefield was completely locked by the three of them, leaving no chance for Star Sovereign to run away.

“Star Sovereign, you’re screwed. Oh dear, just surrender. I might spare your life on the account of our past friendship,” Heaven Sovereign said.


Upon hearing Heaven Sovereign’s words, Star Sovereign burst into laughter. However, his laughter was filled with helplessness and unwillingness.

Looking at Jiang Chen, Star Sovereign said, “Jiang Chen, you are the main factor of my defeat. I can only blame myself for trusting you. If I took action earlier, you and Heaven Sovereign would’ve died tragically, and we wouldn’t have suffered an ending like this.”

Perhaps the person whom Star Sovereign hated the most now was not Heaven Sovereign, but Jiang Chen. All of his plan was ruined by Jiang Chen alone.

Arriving at this moment, Star Sovereign didn't take his defeat lying down and he was also in regret at the same time.

Yea, he regretted indeed. He regretted that he didn’t win over Jiang Chen earlier. When he decided to value Jiang Chen, he had considered Jiang Chen as a member of his team.

If he had chosen to kill Jiang Chen when Jiang Chen first entered the Immortal Court, this wouldn’t have happened today, and there wouldn’t be any obstacle hindering the execution of his plan.

Unfortunately, it was futile to regret unless he could turn back time. What a pity. No matter how powerful Star Sovereign was, he had no ability to turn back the clock.

“The winner takes it all. You should know this principle, Star Sovereign.”

Jiang Chen said in a flat tone. He had nothing to say about the consequence Star Sovereign was currently facing. After all, since Saint Origin World, he had gone through so many battles.

This was a world that only valued strength, and “the winner takes it all” was the absolute truth. People only admired and honored the strong, although they might make some effort to muse over those had passed away. 

“Heaven Sovereign, Jiang Chen, Ling Liqun, do you think that the lot of you is enough to kill me? Naive! You had no way of stopping me from running away.”

Star Sovereign said coldly.

“Really? I don’t know if you have heard of the Great Void Technique.”

Jiang Chen said calmly. He knew that Star Sovereign was fighting fiercely with Heaven Sovereign when he mentioned that to Hu Yong. He purposely mentioned the Great Void Technique again to blow Star Sovereign’s confidence.

“You meant Void Sovereign’s Great Void Technique?

Star Sovereign frowned.

“Star Sovereign, you knew too little of me. I have become the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign when I was in the Demonic Immortal Island. That’s because I am the successor of Void Sovereign. Your defeat is caused by underestimating me. I am afraid you won’t be able to escape under the Great Void Technique,” said Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Star Sovereign’s countenance fell. He knew that Jiang Chen was not threatening him as this guy was probably the successor of Void Sovereign. If this was the case, it would be extremely difficult for him to escape.

Void Sovereign was well-known in the Immortal World. The Immortal Execution King, Zang Xian Great Sovereign and Void Sovereign were all from the same era. Beneath the entire heaven, no one could run away from the Great Void Technique. If Jiang Chen had mastered the Great Void Technique, it was a piece of cake for Jiang Chen to follow his trail.

“Star Sovereign, your greed has brought you this ending. Since I returned, I never ever thought of competing with you for the title of Sovereign Lord. I just wanted to get my things back in Heaven Sovereign Palace, then I would leave the Immortal Court and traverse the Immortal World with Little Chen. But, you didn’t give me a chance and even planned to kill me. I know that even if I leave the Immortal Court, you will still eliminate me. That’s why I invited Little Chen to help me. If you didn’t plan to kill me, most probably you could still be the Sovereign Lord. But, talking about this now is already meaningless.”

Heaven Sovereign said. What happened today was not what he wanted, things go contrary to his wish.

“Although I am defeated, you don’t need to pretend to be kind.”

Star Sovereign showed his cold face.

Then, Star Sovereign turned and looked at Jiang Chen, saying: “ Jiang Chen, even though I am defeated, you’ll die with me.”

While he was still talking, Star Sovereign suddenly took action out of everyone’s expectation. His hand was holding the peerless Starlight Sword. His speed was extremely fast and he appeared in front of Jiang Chen in just a blink of an eye.

“Be careful!”

Heaven Sovereign and Ling Liqun screamed. They had never expected that Star Sovereign would take action instantly without showing any signs.

Even Heaven Sovereign could not help in time when it comes to a lightning fast attack from a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign.

Heaven Sovereign cast the Million Stars Ruler, meanwhile Ling Liqun also waved the combat sword in his hand, trying to save Jiang Chen by forcing Star Sovereign to turn his back and defend his attack. 

However, Star Sovereign was determined to kill Jiang Chen. Despite suffering a severe injury, he wanted to bring Jiang Chen to hell with him together.

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour!”

As soon as Star Sovereign’s Starlight Sword almost pricked him, Jiang Chen suddenly shouted and a bloody battle armour immediately appeared on his body. The battle armour was glittering with a dragon’s shadow and it looked extremely formidable.

Jiang Chen had not used the battle armour yet since obtaining it. Facing the powerful strike of Star Sovereign, Jiang Chen finally got a chance to test the armour. 

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