Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2050

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That shout was like a thunderclap, causing their ears to ring as they look at the unexpected visitor. 

“Haha, monkey, you’re right on time!”

Jiang Chen, in his Dragon Transformation form, was ready to battle.

“Little Chen, you’re always causing others to worry about you. This big brother came to visit you with great difficulties only to see you going to war here. However, this suits my taste, hahaha!”

Dragon Shisan laughed loudly, descending beside Jiang Chen. 

“Damn Monkey, how did you advance this quick, you’re already a Third Grade Demon Sovereign.” Big Yellow speechlessly said. 

“Lucky. I’m just lucky.”

Dragon Shisan smiled sheepishly. He was extremely free after he became the Chosen One of the Demonic Immortal Island. Hence, he decided to come and visit Jiang Chen, yet a massive event was undergoing in the Immortal Court unexpectedly, making him become extremely excited. He was itching to fight after advancing to the Third Grade Demon Sovereign realm, and it just so happens that today was a great day for him to show his skills. 

Jiang Chen gave Dragon Shisan a thumbs up. He knew why Dragon Shisan could improve so fast, it was partly thanks to his strong bloodline but the major contribution came from the resources of the Demonic Immortal Island. Dragon Shisan not only managed to get the inheritance of the first generation saintess, he also managed to get Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s support after he became the island’s Chosen One. No matter what, he was the island’s first-generation Chosen One, he would become a laughing stock if he were to be too weak. 

For Jiang Chen, the arrival of Dragon Shisan was an absolute boost for them, as Dragon Shisan could easily kill a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign with his strength. 


Boundless airwaves tumbled, a cataclysm had thoroughly erupted in the Immortal Court, each and every expert had unleashed their most powerful technique aiming at Jiang Chen’s group. 

One Fourth Grade Great Sovereign unleashed a light towards Dragon Shisan.

“Motherf**ker, a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign dared to look down on this Old Monkey?!”

Dragon Shisan was extremely angry. A Fourth Grade Great Sovereign dares to seek trouble with me. Do I look weak? Couldn’t I ask for a Fifth Grade?


Dragon Shisan immediately swung his iron stick towards the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign’s attack, instantly destroying it. 

His murderous aura filled the skies extremely fast that an average Fourth Grade Great Sovereign would be crushed if he was hit. 


Looking at the opponent’s iron stick quickly falling on his head, the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign felt pressure and imminent threat, the scent of death had crept up upon him. He realised that he was careless and had looked down upon the opponent, seeing a Third Grade Great Sovereign as an easy target, but he had never thought that he was an extremely powerful opponent. 

Now, he didn't have a chance to evade the attack. Under the absolute suppression in strength, only death awaits him. 


Dragon Shisan’s ruthless iron stick smashed the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign’s body. The old man let out a blood-curdling scream and died pitifully on the spot, leaving behind meat paste. 

“Powerful! Where did this young man come from?” Someone exclaimed. 

“This person is powerful, let me handle him.” A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign shouted, and attacked Dragon Shisan immediately.

“It’s more interesting to fight you.”

Dragon Shisan wore an arrogant expression. He was unfazed even if he was facing a powerful Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. 


The battle had thoroughly erupted. The skies of the Immortal Court was full of battlefields. Such an amount of great sovereign experts fighting against each other, the effects it created was like the end of the world. A dozen great sovereign experts had fallen in just a matter of seconds, fresh blood floating in the void, creating a massive pressure. 

The disciples and elders of the Immortal Court paid close attention towards the battle, each and every one of them had a sad expression. The people that were fighting against each other were once comrades. Now, they’re fighting for their lives against each other. 

But everyone understood that the Immortal Court had not been peaceful after Heaven Sovereign had returned. There shouldn’t be two Sovereign Lords in one Immortal Court: the two factions was bound to clash sooner or later. 

Big Yellow’s strength was boundless, two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns ganged up on him but couldn’t even deal a shred of damage. And, they were the ones getting pressured by Big Yellow instead. 

Let alone Dragon Shisan, after killing a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign, the  Fifth Grade Great Sovereign who challenged him was now severely injured, causing Dragon Shisan to realise the terrifying powers his possess. Then, three more Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns joined the fray, making a situation where Dragon Shisan was fighting against four Fifth Grades, but he wasn’t losing his ground against them.

“F**king hell, where did these monsters come from?”

Even a resourceful Fifth Grade Great Sovereign couldn’t help but curse after meeting such an opponent.  

Now, the most important thing between the two parties was the gap in numbers and their strength. On the side of Jiang Chen, there’s two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns and were holding a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign each at bay. 

But the remaining Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns on the Star Sovereign’s side was handled by Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Dragon Shisan. All of the Fifth Grades were fighting against the three of them. As the matter stands, lessening the pressure for the others. 

But for Heaven Sovereign’s Fourth Grade Great Sovereigns were still under heavy pressure, as the disparity in numbers was still too big. Even if they had three heads and six arms, they wouldn’t be able to handle the situation with these many experts rushing into them. 


Yu Huafan let out a blood-curdling scream, one of his arms was torn and his life was on the verge of disappearing. 

After all, he was just a Second Grade Great Sovereign. Even though he was called the number one prodigy of the Dragon Hall, a battle of such scale was over his pay grade. 

“Yu Huafan, quickly getaway.”

Jiang Chen could not just look at Yu Huafan getting killed, he quickly opened the door of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. A black gateway appeared on top Yu Huafan’s head and a strong absorption force instantly pulled him in. 

“Jiang Chen, you’ve betrayed Star Sovereign. You deserve to die.”

A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign elder coldly said towards Jiang Chen. Five Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns had surrounded Jiang Chen, putting him in a 5v1 situation.

“Betrayed? I, Jiang Chen, never had any connection with Star Sovereign. What is there to betray. If you really want to mention betrayal, that’ll be the betrayal of Star Sovereign on Heaven Sovereign. All of you stubborn old fools still followed Star Sovereign to his death, you all are hopeless. If you surrender now, with his benevolence, Heaven Sovereign might spare you.” Jiang Chen said loudly. 

“Jiang Chen, you still dare to talk boastfully when you’re on the verge of dying. You and Heaven Sovereign shall not have a good end!” Another Fifth Grade Great Sovereign spoke. 

“Haha, looks like you guys have forgotten how did Huang Tianbao die.”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly as the Heavenly Dragon Sword slashed powerfully towards a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. 

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