Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2049

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A wave of violent anger immediately surged out of Star Sovereign’s body. The change in the current situation caused his anger to reach the limit. All this while, he thought everything was under his control, but he never thought that Jiang Chen would do such things behind his back, dividing the Immortal Court. 

At this moment, Star Sovereign had finally realized why Jiang Chen had volunteered to persuade Ling Liqun. He did manage to persuade Ling Liqun, but not to support him! 

“Motherf**ker! Bunch of traitors!” 

“This motherf**kin traitorous Jiang Chen. He dared to divide our forces behind our backs.”

“Hmph! So, what?! They’re still walking towards their own death with their meagre numbers. Looks like a great battle would erupt today, it’s also time for the Immortal Court to be rid of these unfaithful subordinates that go against Star Sovereign. None of you shall leave!”


The people from Star Sovereign’s side were extremely angry. For this sudden rebellion, their only choice was to slaughter each and every one of them. The only outcome awaiting these rebels like Ling Liqun was death. 

“Star Sovereign, if it weren’t for the fact that you’re using whatever means to kill me… I never had any interest in becoming the Sovereign Lord from the beginning, but I have no choice but to fight for my life,” Heaven Sovereign said loudly. 

“Fight for your life? Do you think this will save you? Do you think that you could regain the Sovereign Lord position with the support you have? Is this a moth*rf**king joke?! It’s great that they decided to rebel today, now it’s clear to me who’s loyal and not, and I can purge all of them in one go. From now on, this great one will be able to build my own perfect Immortal Court.”

Star Sovereign’s face was extremely cold, but his heart was filled with extreme anger. He felt that he was tricked, but he was also happy, happy that these rebels had shown their true colours, giving him an easier time to purge all of these disloyal fools, and no one would be able to go against him in his future Immortal Court. 

“Star Sovereign, you are indeed not suitable to become the Sovereign Lord.” Feng Jingyang said while shaking his head. 

“Traitors, Feng Jingyang, Ling Liqun! I, Star Sovereign, had never once mistreated the lot of you. I’ve never imagined that you two are such tratoruous bastards!” Star Sovereign said in extreme anger.

“Star Sovereign, each and everything on this Immortal Court were originally left behind by Heaven Sovereign. You’re just an acting Sovereign Lord. Now that Heaven Sovereign has returned, there isn't a need to deliberately kill Heaven Sovereign, even if you don’t want to resign. We’ve chosen to support Heaven Sovereign after thinking it out long and hard.” Ling Liqun said loudly.

“Star Sovereign, if you’ve just let Heaven Sovereign go, perhaps this day would have never happened.”

“We were once indebted to Heaven Sovereign, it’s impossible for us to go against him. If a conflict were to erupt, we’ll naturally stand beside Heaven Sovereign. If we were to die fighting, then our debt towards Heaven Sovereign shall be repaid.” 

Those standing beside Heaven Sovereign said righteously. 

They were all experts and held a high ranking position in the Immortal Court. Each and every one of them represented a group under them. One could see that the influence of Heaven Sovereign had not disappeared even after he had fallen so many years ago. 

“Such being the case, then, each and every one of you, SHOULD GO TO HELL!”

Star Sovereign’s murderous aura filled the skies as if he was about to move. 

“Enough bullshit! Let’s go!”

Hu Yong was the first to act. He pulled out a divine attack, rushing towards Heaven Sovereign Palace. 

“I’ll take care of Hu Yong.”

Ling Liqun took out his giant palm and blocked Hu Yong’s attack. These two Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns instantly clashed against one another, none managed to overpower the other. 

“Heaven Sovereign. Since you’ve already returned to your peak cultivation. Let me see how powerful you have become after refining the Ancient Elephant Bloodline.”

Star Sovereign pointed with a single finger and a shining ray of light rushed towards Heaven Sovereign. 

Heaven Sovereign sent out a punch, shattering Star Sovereign’s ray of light. He then instantly flew towards the sky and a battlefield was created from his hands. 


This was a battle, a life and death battle. Four Sixth Grade Great Sovereigns of the Immortal Court were caught in fierce combat. 

“Everyone, do not hold back. A bloody baptism is needed for the transformation of the Immortal Court. As long as someone raised their hand towards you, you can just kill them. You guys must remember, the fall of Star Sovereign means the fall of an influential force and not just him alone. The Immortal Court’s power will surely dwindle after today’s battle, but we need to survive and not become a sacrifice for others gain.

Jiang Chen used his Dragon Transformation and the Heavenly Dragon Sword appeared in his hand, he was ready for a bloody slaughter. 


Feng Jingyang and the others had all released their aura, they understood the meaning behind Jiang Chen’s words. Today’s battle will be of life and death, they were weak compared to their opponents, therefore they shall not dare be careless even once. 

In this survival of the fittest world, all battles are incomparably brutal. 

“Jiang Chen, Feng Jingyang, you guys have recklessly chosen to rebel. You all shall pay a heavy price! ”

The Tiger Hall Master, Li Yanghu shouted and was the first to attack. 

“Let me face him.”

Feng Jingyang moved as if he was floating, and tides of airwaves poured out of his body, instantly clashing with Li Yanghu. 


Immediately after that, hundreds of powerful airwaves came tumbling out with them at the centre, affecting Jiang Chen and the others. 

There were only a dozen other people standing beside Jiang Chen. Compared to their opponents, the ratio was 1:10, hence their expression was extremely ugly. Under such a massive disparity in numbers, their odds of success was almost non-existent. But, since they’ve made their decision to stand out today, they could only fight with their lives on the line. 

This was a battle between the high ranking officials of the Immortal Court. The average elders and disciples had no right to participate in this fight. 

Today’s turmoil had caused everyone on the Immortal Court to be alarmed, however they could only be an observer in such an event. 

“Heaven Sovereign has returned… I wonder who will be victorious…”

“I’ve never thought that Jiang Chen was in league with Heaven Sovereign, even Star Sovereign was duped.”

“Even if Heaven Sovereign had returned, their odds are still low. Star Sovereign had already taken control a large part of the Immortal Court. Look at the disparity between them, it’s just too big! There really isn’t any doubt.”

“It’s still too early to conclude anything, that Jiang Chen is an extreme abnormality, he could easily kill a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. He’s almost invincible now.”


Every one of them were paying close attention to the battle, they knew that this battle was significant for the Immortal Court. The battle of Sovereign Lords was doomed to be bloody, a big change was bound to happen in the Immortal Court after today. 

“Kill them!”

A Fifth Grade Great Sovereign shouted. Hundreds of people simultaneously rushed towards Jiang Chen’s group.

“Haha, how can I, Old Monkey, be absent in this splendid battle.”

At this moment, a wild laugh came from above the sky. A yellow-robed young man carrying an iron stick and possessing a boundless qi had joined the battle! 

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