Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2037

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“Kid, I really want to hear how are you going to reckon with me.”

Huang Tianbao hit the roof, but he was interested in Jiang Chen’s thought so he asked.

Anyhow, he was the master of Leopard Hall and a prestigious figure in the Immortal Court. His ranking was outstanding and his cultivation realm had even reached the Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. Now there was a young lad not giving him any face in front of the public. The lad even said that he was here to get even with him.

How was he going to reckon with him, what the hell was he going to do.  

This young lad was feeling smug after achieving the unification of the Heavenly Dao, bringing in the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation and advancing to Second Grade Great Sovereign. Didn't he know that a Second Grade Great Sovereign was actually nothing impressive. Today Huang Tianbao must let the lad know the consequences of going against him. To let the lad realise that there’s nothing great about being a Second Grade Great Sovereign.

“Of course, I am here to reckon with you in a serious manner. You sent Hei Sha to Miniature Fengchi World to kill me. I must get even with you regarding this matter. As the dignified master of Leopard Hall, you have done such despicable things against a disciple. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?” Jiang Chen said loudly.

“What? Huang Tianbao sent Hei Sha to kill Jiang Chen, how could it be possible?”

“It’s not impossible. As Jiang Chen broke into Leopard Hall by himself in the past, which have put Huang Tianbao in shame, it’s reasonable for him to want to kill Jiang Chen. Furthermore, Hei Sha has already reached the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm. Like Yu Huafan, he has not been interested in the Miniature Fengchi World and has not participated since long ago. There must be a reason for him to participate this time.”

“If this was true, then what he had done was not right. However, is there any proof that Hei Sha wanted to kill Jiang Chen since Jiang Chen is still alive and well even until now.”


Jiang Chen’s words immediately caused a commotion among the crowd. Many who remained on the scene were so shocked because Huang Tianbao had gone too far if Jiang Chen was really telling the truth. 

“Huang Tianbao, I never knew that you are such a despicable person.”

Feng Jingyang was pissed as someone was trying to kill his disciple. How could he not be pissed off?

“Humph! Feng Jingyang, don’t just listen to just one side of the story. Isn’t he still alive until now?”

Huang Tianbao snorted as he had never thought that Jiang Chen would use this excuse to make trouble with him.

“Master Huang, brother Jiang is able to live because of his formidable capability. Hei Sha was not a match of brother Jiang. You should rejoice since Hei Sha is still alive.”

Hong Ying said in an unpleasant way. 

“You are right. When we first arrived in the Miniature Fengchi World, Hei Sha immediately attacked brother Jiang. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen was more than a match for Hei Sha, but he still showed mercy and spared Hei Sha’s life. If you don’t believe what I said, you guys can ask Hei Sha himself, ” Yu Feng also opened his mouth and said. 

They all could testify that Hei Sha wanted to kill Jiang Chen, and no one could deny this.


Everyone gazed at Hei Sha, seeing that Hei Sha kept his head down and stayed silent. His expression was obvious, and basically gave tacit consent to what Hong Ying and Yu Feng said.

Currently, whether Huang Tianbao really sent Hei Sha to kill Jiang Chen or not, the fact that Hei Sha intended to eliminate Jiang Chen was an ironclad proof. 

“Jiang Chen had crippled a disciple of Leopard Hall in the past, he even broke into our Leopard Hall, putting us to shame. Even if Hei Sha wanted to take Jiang Chen away with him, that would be excusable. This was a competition between disciples and this has nothing to do with me,” said Huang Tianbao.

“Bull shitting! Huang Tianbao, how dare are you say that you didn’t know about Hei Sha’s intention of killing me?”

Jiang Chen was domineering and showed no dignity to Huang Tianbao.

“Kid, don't be importunate! It doesn’t matter whether Hei Sha attacked you or not because you are still alive. What we are discussing right now is the loss of Miniature Fengchi World. Because of you, the Miniature Fengchi World has completely vanished. This was an immeasurable loss to the Immortal Court and you must receive punishment.” 

Huang Tianbao said loudly. He did not want to bother the matter between Jiang Chen and Hei Sha, but put the focus on the issue of the Miniature Fengchi World.

“Huang Tianbao, it is not your business to judge whether I will receive punishment or not because of the destruction of the Miniature Fengchi World. Now, I am here to reckon with you as you have sent people to eliminate me. I, Jiang Chen, will never allow anyone to ride roughshod over me. Not even you, Huang Tianbao. Don’t you want to kill me? I am now giving you the chance, and I am here to challenge you.”

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at Huang Tianbao, and his attitude was extremely arrogant. He did not spare Huang Tianbao any dignity in front of the crowd. This obviously showed that Jiang Chen wanted to burn Huang Tianbao’s bridges.

Jiang Chen must make Huang Tianbao as an excuse to make a scene. Other than creating a chance for Big Yellow to head to Heaven Sovereign Palace, he also had to draw the attention of the entire Immortal Court on himself. So much so that no one can take their eyes off of him in the coming days.

In that case, he could buy some time for Heaven Sovereign to refine the Ancient Elephant Bloodline. Jiang Chen was well-aware that Heaven Sovereign needed time to refine the bloodline.

“What the hell? Is Jiang Chen insane? He is challenging Huang Tianbao.”

“Young people today are too impetuous and arrogant. This Jiang Chen thought that he is really a genius, and can do whatever he wants without putting anyone in his eyes. Does he really think that he is unbeatable in the world?”

“You are right. Too arrogant. He just became Second Grade Great Sovereign, but Huang Tianbao is a strong Fifth Grade Great Sovereign. The gap between them is not negligible. If they really fought, how could Jiang Chen defeat him?”

Everyone started shaking their heads in denial, feeling that Jiang Chen’s behavior was very ridiculous. Although Jiang Chen was rankled by Hei Sha’s attempt of killing him, challenging the master of Leopard Hall was still silly. 

“Kid, what did you say?”

Huang Tianbao couldn’t help asking again as he doubted if he had heard it wrongly, 

“I said that I challenge you to a battle. A battle of life and death. There is no way to have you when I am here in the Immortal Court.”

Jiang Chen looked murderous and furious, showing an imposing aura that swore to defend his dignity to the death. 

In others’ perspective, Jiang Chen was really angry to the point of losing his mind, and was too overconfident. 

In fact, Jiang Chen was actually very confident about his odds. As a Second Grade Great Sovereign, he made nothing of Huang Tianbao and killing Huang Tianbao was just a piece of cake.

Huang Tianbao was a supporter of Star Sovereign and an enemy to Jiang Chen. Sooner or later, Jiang Chen still had to eliminate people like him.

Jiang Chen took this golden opportunity to kill Huang Tianbao because there would be an upheaval in the Immortal Court once Huang Tianbao was dead. The death of a hall master was not a trivial thing in the Immortal Court. 

In this case, the focus of the Immortal Court would fall on Jiang Chen, and Heaven Sovereign could refine the Ancient Elephant Bloodline and recover his cultivation realm at ease with this chance.

Jiang Chen was going to handle whatever happened by himself while Heaven Sovereign recovers his cultivation realm as the upheaval would happen very soon in the Immortal Court. 

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