Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2035

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From the previous heavenly tribulations, Jiang Chen had gained unprecedented benefits, which were the advent of Heavenly Dragon Sword and his advancement to the Second Grade Great Sovereign realm. The remaining three stages of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation would fall on the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

The last three stages would surely be extremely terrifying. If Jiang Chen dealt with the tribulations with his own flesh, he would be severely injured even if he survived.

Currently the Immortal Court was about to face a coming coup d’etat while the Barbarian World was also tempted to take action against the Immortal World, however, no one knew when that would happen. At this critical period of time, Jiang Chen had to ensure that he was always in his peak condition and leave no opportunity for his enemy. He knew that there were people in the Immortal Court planning to put him to death, Hei Sha was one of the examples.

Therefore, it’s impossible for Jiang Chen not to use the formidable Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Moreover, once the pagoda absorbed the last three stages of the lightning tribulation, he could also gain great benefits from it.

Not only that, according to his estimation, the last three stages could directly help the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda form the sixty-sixth floor. In this case, the secret of the sixty-sixth floor would be revealed. That would definitely bring unimaginable advantages to Jiang Chen.


When the eighth heavenly tribulation descended, the energy brought by each of the lightning dragon was much stronger and more brutal than before. Under such powerful impact, the color of the heavens and earth changed completely once again.

In front of the big screen of the Immortal Court, numerous people opened their eyes wide and felt breathless.

Whether its the people of the Dragon Hall or Leopard Hall that wholeheartedly wanted to kill Jiang Chen, they were eager to see how Jiang Chen was going to withstand the coming lightning tribulation. The next three stages could be considered as deadly tribulations.

While everyone thought that Jiang Chen was about to confront the lightning tribulation with his utmost effort, a huge black hole suddenly emerged above his head.

The moment the black hole appeared, innumerable lightning dragons were devoured by the black hole out of everyone’s expectation. Standing under the black hole, Jiang Chen was calm and composed. None of the lightning could touch him, not to mention cause him any harm.

“Oh my god, what’s that? To my surprise, the heavenly tribulation was absorbed.”

“That should be Jiang Chen’s magic weapon. That weapon can absorb the heavenly tribulation. That’s too heaven defying. How could this be possible?”

“Impossible, this is absolutely impossible. Even the most advanced Great Sovereign Weapon would not be able to do something like absorbing the heavenly tribulation. This magic weapon perhaps has prevailed over anything out of the heavens and earth.”

“How did this lad get such an awesome treasure?”

“I won’t believe that he could absorb the last three stages of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulations by merely relying on a treasure like this.”

Everyone was so shocked and fell into a complete astonishment. The scene was too terrifying. Jiang Chen had used a magic weapon that had surpassed everyone’s expectations at this critical moment. Forcefully absorbing the heavenly tribulation was really a heaven-defying action.

Despite the thunderbolts, Jiang Chen still carried a faint smile on his face, and his imposing manner was rising constantly. The number of dragon marks in his Qi Sea also began increasing unceasingly.

In his estimation, the last three stages of the lightning tribulation could add thirty thousand dragon marks. By that time, the number of his dragon marks would have reached 1,78 millions and he would be one step away from reaching the Third Grade Great Sovereign realm.

After absorbing such a formidable energy from the heavenly tribulation, there were strong rumbles erupting inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. In a short time, the sixty-second floor was completed and immediately followed by the sixty-third floor.

Once the thunder energy of the eighth lightening tribulation was completely absorbed, the sixty-third floor was also completed and the number of dragon marks on Jiang Chen’s body increased by ten thousand.


Another strong rumble erupted. The ninth stage of the heavenly tribulation descended and it was much stronger compared to the eighth.

However, everything remained the same as before. All the lightning dragons were absorbed by the black hole. It seemed like the black hole could absorb everything under the heavens and earth. Innumerous people shuddered in horror as they watched the scene. If they did not see this with their own eyes, they would definitely not believe it.

As soon as the ninth stage of the heavenly tribulations ended, the sixty-fourth and sixty-fifth floors were also successfully condensed. Another ten thousand dragon marks were formed on Jiang Chen’s body.

Then, it would be the most dreadful heavenly tribulation, the tenth stage of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.

This was the last tribulation, so it would be undeniably the most dreadful one. The energy it contained would be almost the total of the past stages of the tribulation.

However, based on Jiang Chen’s calculation, it would be awesome if the sixty-sixth floor would be completed at this time. Although the last stage of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation was dreadful, building up the later floors of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was not an easy task. The sixty-sixth floor was particularly crucial and required a vast amount of energy to be condensed.

Inside his heart, Jiang Chen already felt very grateful because he was fortunate enough to go into Miniature Fengchi World and encounter the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation. Or else, it would be harder than ascending the heaven to complete the formation of the sixty-sixth floor with his own effort. How could he find such an enormous energy to complete the formation.

Perhaps only the last stage of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation could complete the sixty-sixth floor of the pagoda.



Thunderclaps rolled and dragon roars shook the sky. The last thousand of lightning dragons poured down in torrents, containing the energy that intended to destroy everything.

Countless eyes were staring at what was happening. They could not believe that Jiang Chen’s secret magic weapon had been continuously absorbing the last two stages of the tribulation. It’s unbelievable if the pagoda was really able to absorb the final stage of the tribulation.

However, there was nothing impossible for Jiang Chen, the miracle maker.

The last thousand dragons poured down and everything remained the same as before. Despite their destructive momentum, they still could not cause any harm to Jiang Chen. That enormous black hole was like an opening of the heavens and earth that could withstand all energy in the world.


Without any accident, all of the dragons were devoured into the black hole.

Jiang Chen could sense that the rampaging thunder energy was wreaking havoc insanely inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The sixty-sixth floor brightened up in a flash.

Just like what he had estimated, the sixty-sixth floor of the pagoda completely brightened up after absorbing all the energy contained in the final stage of the tribulation. And at this moment, there was an ancient gate appearing at the sixty-sixth floor. There must be an extremely precious thing behind the gate.

Jiang Chen was not anxious to open the gate because now was not the time yet. He could sense numerous eyes were focusing on him. If he went in and disappeared inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, that would be too suspicious. Today, he had forcefully casted the pagoda to absorb the heavenly tribulation. This had already drawn many people’s attention. 

Revealing the secret of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was not a good thing to him. However, fortunately, his cultivation realm had reached an oppressing level now, so he had the ability to protect himself.

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