Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2033

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The thousands of dragons rumbled together, the scene was magnificent. The dragons fully covered the entire Miniature Fengchi World. Such Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation might only happen once every ten thousand years, and it represented destruction.

It was said that the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation could be divided into ten stages. There would be a thousand lightning dragons attacking during each lighting tribulation. In the later stages, the power and heavenly might of the lightning dragons would become stronger. The lethality and destructiveness would also be astonishing. In other words, the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation was similar to a normal catastrophe. The later the tribulation befell, the more dangerous it would be.

For Sovereign Lords, the first few lighting tribulations were just a piece of cake. Normally cultivators could even gain great benefits from the first few lightning tribulations.

However, when it came to the later stages, the strength of the lightning tribulation would become much more dreadful and the cultivator would not be able to withstand anymore. Almost everyone who survived the sovereign tribulation would be in a mass of bruises and wounds. They needed at least half a month to recover.

Furthermore, not all advancements could bring out sovereign tribulation. For example, there was no lightning tribulation during the advancement of Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu.

This was because they had been reincarnated and were Great Sovereigns in the past. This realm was nothing to them. It was just an ordinary progression for them, thus there were no sovereign tribulation that happened in their advancement. Many cultivators’ advancement to the Great Sovereign realm was also very common, so the heavenly tribulation did not descend.

The heavenly tribulation was the representation of heavenly strength, so it only happened when there’s an unparalleled expert advancing to the Great Sovereign realm. The journey of cultivation itself was something heaven-defying. Great Sovereigns even represented the peak level between the heavens and earth. People with some talents would possibly trigger heavenly tribulation. The greater the talent one had, the more dreadful the heavenly tribulation he could trigger.

Just like what Jiang Chen was facing right now. After advancing, he reached the unification of the Heavenly Dao that never existed before in the past hundred thousand years, causing the incomparably dreadful Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation to descend.


Thousands of lightning dragons pounced upon Jiang Chen, enshrouding him instantaneously. The Miniature Fengchi World turned into a sea of thunder and lightning, becoming a world of dragons. The endless heavenly strength was extremely dreadful. Even though they could only see it on the screen, the people of the Immortal Court could still sense the palpitations from the miniature world.

Jiang Chen stretched out his arms, bathing in the midst of the sea of lightning, like enjoying a bath of spring breeze. Infinite thunder and lightning were beating on his body but they did not hurt him at all.


Jiang Chen also made a dragon roar. He shook his body and turned into a real blood dragon. The blood dragon was around 350 meters long and it was hovering around with the thousands of dragons in the sky. He did not show any signs of being uncomfortable.

Jiang Chen absorbed the dreadful strength of thunder and lightning unceasingly. The potential within his body was once again stimulated, thus more and more dragon marks were formed inside his body.

Every tribulation was a transformation for Jiang Chen, helping him reach the next cultivation realm. Although this was the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation, Jiang Chen felt no fear at all.

In his eyes, facing a tribulation was just like having a daily meal, and he felt relaxed and easy about it.

“Look! Jiang Chen has also turned into a dragon. The Great Sovereign Law is still standing firm in the sea of thunder and lightning. Even though the lightning tribulation was so brutal, it has not caused any harm to Jiang Chen.”

“This is an anomaly. Others have to confront the tribulation with their life, however Jiang Chen looked like he was enjoying it very much.  As the saying goes, comparisons are odious.”

“This is the most heaven-defying and monstrous genius that I have ever seen. However, it’s too early to say anything. This is just the first stage of the tribulation. The later stages of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation is more dreadful. It’s said that the last two stages of the tribulations have the strength to destroy heaven and earth. It could destroy everything between heaven and earth.”


All the people who were watching Jiang Chen overcoming the tribulation were startled. They couldn't stay calm at all because no one saw this kind of method in overcoming tribulation. Jiang Chen probably was the only one who had the ability to do this in the whole heaven and earth.

Big Yellow’s face was filled with joy while watching Jiang Chen deal with the sea of lightning so easily. Feng Jingyang and the people of the Dragon Hall were really worried, but only he, Big Yellow, showed a face of calmness.

This was because Big Yellow was the only one who knew Jiang Chen’s secret. Jiang Chen himself was skillful in dealing with the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation; moreover, he still had a heaven-defying cheat which was the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

Every time he dealt the tribulation, Jiang Chen would not forget to let the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda gain great benefits. This heaven-defying weapon could probably devour all the energy in the heavens and earth. As long as Jiang Chen was willing, the pagoda could absorb the whole Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.

Of course, it’s impossible for Jiang Chen to release the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda right now. Every heaven tribulation was a rare opportunity. He must prioritize his own gains before letting the benefits go to the pagoda.


As Jiang Chen was absorbing the strength of the tribulation unceasingly, the Heavenly Saint Sword appeared. This battle sword had been crushing with Jiang Chen, but now he wanted to let it have its final transformation with the help of the lightning tribulation.

The Heavenly Saint Sword was a like a dragon, floating around Jiang Chen. It absorbed the strength of lightning cheerfully while refining itself.

Very soon, the first lightning tribulation was over. Jiang Chen transformed into a dragon and his body shone out bloody radiance. The dreadful first stage of the lightning tribulation did not leave any wounds on Jiang Chen’s body.

“Jingyang, you have made the right decision to take Jiang Chen as your disciple.”

Ling Liqun couldn't help giving such compliments.

“Jiang Chen indeed is the most heaven-defying genius I have ever seen, but I am still worried about the destructiveness of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.”

Feng Jing yang said. His face was filled with pride when talking about Jiang Chen. However, he was still extremely worried about the dreadful Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.

There’s no way for him not to worry. Although Jiang Chen had overcome the first stage of the tribulation easily, the next stages of the tribulation would definitely be more dreadful. There were ten stages in total and no one knew what the situation would be during the later stages because no one had seen the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation before. 


There were mad dragons roaring through the skies and thousands of lightning dragons pouring down in torrents. As soon as the first stage of the tribulation was over, the second stage immediately descended.

This lightning tribulation was two times greater compared to the first in terms of its scale and destructiveness.

One had to admit that even the countless Great Sovereigns were frightened of it. They could foresee that they would have been in a life-threatening danger and would be defeated in the sea of lightning if they were the ones who were standing under this tribulation.

Moreover, this was only the second stage of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation. People couldn't help trembling with fear when thinking about the eight stages that would descend later in a more dreadful way.


Thunderclap rolled as Jiang Chen bathed in the sea of thunder. He looked the same as when he dealt with the first stage of the tribulation. It was relaxing for him, as if the sea of lightning was a spring breeze sweeping along his face.

At the moment, the Heavenly Saint Sword had some obvious changes. The battle sword was like coming into life and kept absorbing the lightning dragons into its inner part. The sword was experiencing great changes.

Jiang Chen wanted to transform himself and the Heavenly Saint Sword at the same time with the aid of the Heavenly Dragon Great Tribulation.

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