Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2032

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“Hall Master Feng’s right, this is certainly not the time to ask Jiang Chen to come out. He could bring the Heavenly Tribulation right here, and the loss would be severe.”

“The old records showed that there would be a great disaster after the appearance of the unification of the Heavenly Dao. The result would be disastrous if Jiang Chen were to come here.”

“Star Sovereign is in seclusion at the moment. If Jiang Chen were to come out, the movement he’d cause would be too big, and it’ll be bad if it interrupts Star Sovereign.”


At this crucial moment, the elders started to discuss, but none of them agreed to Huang Tianbao. They weren’t fools and they knew of his scheme. 

The whole Immortal Court knew that Huang Tianbao and Feng Jingyao were against each other, and with the previous matter when Jiang Chen went to the Leopard Hall and tarnishing their pride. Huang Tianbao was the person who least wanted Jiang Chen to be successful. 


Huang Tianbao harrumphed and stayed quiet. Even though he was unwilling, he had to admit that Jiang Chen’s growth could not be stopped. 

At this moment, a seventy-ish old man appeared. He was a mighty Sixth Grade Great Sovereign, an elder holding the highest rank in the Immortal Court, even Star Sovereign have to give him respect. 

His name was Ling Liqun, he possessed a high ranking position in the Immortal Court and was rarely seen, rarer than Star Sovereign. The commotion of the Miniature Fengchi World had caused this old living fossil to come out. 

“Senior Ling.”

Feng Jingyang and the others quickly greeted Ling Liqun, they didn’t dare slack off towards such a high ranking person. 

“Jingyang, close the Miniature Fengchi World and show what is happening inside.” Ling Liqun said. 


Feng Jingyang waved his big hand, and the gateway of the Miniature Fengchi World was closed. The spiritual talisman fell back into his hand, he then raised the talisman and it shone brightly, changing it into a big mirror. The mirror showed the figure of Jiang Chen undergoing his tribulation. 

This time, every one of them saw what’s inside clearly. Jiang Chen was floating in the sky with his white robe and black hair fluttering and dancing in the wind. His expression was firm and the eye-catching golden-red coloured pillar of light above his head was like heaven's pillar. 

“It really is the legendary unification of the Heavenly Dao. I’ve heard that if one were to attain it, no matter what level, their Great Sovereign Law shall forever be one.”

“Look at his Great Sovereign Law, to be able to have such thickness, it's too terrifying.”

“The legendary unification of the Heavenly Dao, it has really appeared. We’re extremely lucky to witness such a heaven-defying moment.”

“Look. The Heavenly Tribulation is almost finishing its form. I wonder what kind of terrifying tribulation will befall.”


Hearing and seeing was an entirely different thing. The unification of the Heavenly Dao was something that could only be heard in legends, not even a living fossil like Ling Liqun had seen it before. For them to witness it live, none of them weren’t excited. 

Not even the mighty Sixth Grade Great Sovereign could foresee what would happen next. The unification of the Heavenly Dao was something from the legends, no one knew how powerful the heavenly tribulation would befall. But one could conclude that the heavenly tribulation would be of a terrifying scale, more terrifying compared to what they have experienced before. 


Suddenly, a rainbow coloured dragon appeared in the sky of the Miniature Fengchi World. The lightning dragon’s eyes were filled with heavenly prestige. It’s as if a genuine breathing violent dragon had descended. 

After the emergence of the first dragon, many more lightning dragons started to appear. The sky was covered with tens of thousand of dragons in an instant. 

The scene of countless dragons appearing was too much to take in, all of them were as real as a genuine dragon, each of which symbolising the prestige of the heavens. 

“It’s the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation. Oh my god. It’s the legendary Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation!”

“My God! That is an ancient Lightning Tribulation! It has really appeared. Am I dreaming?”

“The ancient Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation. The heavenly prestige morphed into ten thousand dragons, this signifies total annihilation. This kind of heavenly tribulation was extremely terrifying, any heaven-defying existence will not be able to endure this tribulation with their lives. Who would ever believe that there’s a kind of tribulation under the Heavens and Earth if one did not witness it themselves.”

“Shit, it's the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation, looks like Jiang Chen is going to die a painful death under this Heavenly Tribulation. Our Immortal Court will lose a heaven-defying prodigy…” 

“The Heavenly Tribulation has yet to start, it's still too early to say anything.”


The emergence of the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation caused an uproar amongst the crowds. The impact of this Heavenly Tribulation was too strong, causing everyone to be shocked. 

Furthermore, no one was favouring Jiang Chen’s survival. Even though he had achieved the unification of the Heavenly Dao, he might still not get through the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation. The legends of this kind of tribulation was just too terrifying. 

The people of the Dragon Hall and Feng Jingyang’s expression became extremely ugly, they were extremely worried about Jiang Chen. 

“Big Sister Hong Ying, do you think Junior Jiang could successfully pass his tribulation?” Duan Ren asked.

“I’m confident with Junior Jiang, he had already created a miracle where he unified the Heavenly Dao, he would certainly have the strength to endure the tribulation,” replied Hong Ying. 

“You’re right, I am extremely confident with Junior Jiang too.” Yu Feng said with a nod. In their opinion, Jiang Chen was the pride of the Dragon Hall. 

“Y'all shouldn’t be that confident, no one was able to endure the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation, your Junior Jiang would never walk out of the Miniature Fengchi World.”

Huang Tianbao sneered. He was extremely happy when he saw the Great Heavenly Dragon Tribulation, and hoped that Jiang Chen would die under it. 

“Huang Tianbao, nobody would call you a mute if you don’t speak.” Feng Jingyang spoke without restraint. 

“Feng Jingyang, you wanna have a go at me? Why do you keep on going against me?!”

Huang Tianbao’s aura spiked, as the hall master of Leopard Hall, he was also a person with a temper. How could he be not angry when he was continuously berated by Feng Jingyang in front of others. 

“Hmph! I’m ready to fight anytime. But now, I’ve got no time to entertain you, my disciple is still undergoing his tribulation!”

Feng Jingyang harrumphed and ignored Huang Tianbao, his eyes gazed at the screen above the skies without blinking. 


Within the Miniature Fengchi World, countless demons and devils were howling, scurrying up and down. They felt utterly hopeless before the powerful Heavenly Tribulation. Thousands of lightning dragons had engulfed the whole Miniature Fengchi World, those demons and devils looked at Jiang Chen while clenching their teeth in hatred. This person chose to undergo his tribulation here, he’s not giving them a chance to live! 

There were others who had undergone their tribulation here, but they weren’t this powerful. This is just too catastrophic! 


Thousands of lightning dragons roared and rushed down towards Jiang Chen at the same time, attacking him in the fiercest way possible. They wanted to destroy everything that defies the heavens. 

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