Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2024

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The imposing manner of Hei Sha was unparalleled and his lethality also seemed incomparably overwhelming, but Jiang Chen still shook his head in disapproval.

Though being a Second Grade Sovereign, Hei Sha could be considered strong, there were still some gaps between him and Yu Huafan. For Jiang Chen, Hei Sha’s combat strength could not even withstand in a fight.

Without further ado, Jiang Chen summoned a fire dragon.


The fire dragon roared madly, spewing out terrifying heat waves. The entire sky turned in to a vast sea of flame in a flash.

This was the Fire Dragon Seal that Jiang Chen casted out. With the increase of the number of flames in his body,  the more overbearing becomes the power of the Fire Dragon Seal. Its power completely exceeded the Golden Dragon Seal and could even compare favorably with the Slaughter Dragon Seal. Particularly when the attribute of the opponent was coldness, which was naturally restrained by the Fire Dragon Seal. The power of the Fire Dragon Seal was intensified at the moment, and could even triumph over the Slaughter Dragon Seal.


The frightening Fire Dragon Seal collided against Hei Sha’s attack. Under the strong collision of the Fire Dragon Seal, the attack of Hei Sha was defeated effortlessly and vanished completely in a split second.

At the same time, the Fire Dragon exploded into inferno, sweeping through Hei Sha.


A blood-curdling scream instantly came out from the inferno and Hei Sha was completely covered in fire. The gap between his power and Jiang Chen’s was not just a little. Encountering Jiang Chen’s flame, the energy of the attribute of coldness was extremely fragile.

The Fire Dragon Seal had caused severe wounds on Hei Sha and after falling into the sea of fire, he could only struggle fiercely.

“This is so incredible. Brother Jiang Chen is truly terrifying.”

“Oh my god. One strike, merely one strike! Hei Sha is definitely not a match for Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen really wanted to kill Hei Sha, Hei Sha would have been a corpse right now.”

“ As I have mentioned earlier. Hei Sha is only courting death by fighting Brother Jiang Chen. After becoming a half-step Sovereign, Jiang Chen has been the number one genius of our Immortal Court. Even our big brother Yu Huafan is also not his match anymore.”


Everyone from the Dragon Hall expressed their astonishment. Other than astonishment, there was also great excitement. The stronger Jiang Chen was, the happier they were because Jiang Chen represented the Dragon Hall.

In contrast to the excitement of Dragon Hall, the people of the Leopard Hall looked pathetic. Looking at how Hei Sha screaming and struggling in the inferno in the sky, their countenance fell.

“Why did it have to be like this?”

“How come Jiang Chen is so strong? He is just a half-step Sovereign and brother Hei Sha is a Second Grade Great Sovereign. They are not on the same level at all!”

“Don't talk anymore. We couldn't estimate Jiang Chen with common sense. We, including brother Hei Sha, have underestimated Jiang Chen. This guy has grown to a level that we could not fight. Hope he doesn’t kill brother Hei Sha immediately, or else we will suffer a great loss. ”


The people of the Leopard Hall were no idiots. They had truly learned how terrifying Jiang Chen was from how he almost killed Hei Sha just with a single strike. They saw the truth from the actual battle just now. The battle was not gaudy and there was no suspense at all.

After a tough struggle, Hei Sha finally broke free from the inferno, putting out the fire on his body.

Hei Sha had been thrown into panic and looked extremely miserable at this moment. His whole body was burnt, literally turning his body black, or it should be said into charcoal. His breath was really weak which showed the severity of his injury.

This was Hei Sha ,but if he were an ordinary person, he would have been dead in that inferno and burnt until no residue remained.

“Hei Sha, I won't kill you today but you won’t have this chance the next time. You should know the principle, winner takes it all. You better stay far away when you see me in the future. Or else, it would be your time to die. No one could do a goddamn thing to me, If I, Jiang Chen wanted to kill you.”

After putting his dragon form away, Jiang Chen said in a condescending manner. This was a serious humiliation, but Hei Sha couldn’t even be angry.

Under the absolute suppression, he could only submit apart from feeling frightened.

As what Jiang Chen had said, winner takes it all, this was an unchangeable principle. Hei Sha understood this as well.

He actually wanted to kill Jiang Chen but he was defeated in Jiang Chen’s hand. Jiang Chen spared his life, so what could he say more?

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen waved his hands to Hong Ying and the others, then flew somewhere afar.

This was the first brief interlude in the Miniature Fengchi World, but also the first meaningful battle for Jiang Chen after he became a half-step Sovereign. He conquered his opponent with an oppressing manner and attitude.

This battle would completely establish Jiang Chen’s status and ranking amongst the younger generation in the Immortal Court. Perhaps no one would dare to compete for the title of number-one genius with Jiang Chen.

The people of the Dragon Hall descended on a barren hill a hundred miles away.  

“Brother Jiang, this Miniature Fengchi World is huge. We should be in the peripheral zone right now. There are not many fortunes here and it’s even rare to see any demons and ghosts here,” said Hong Ying.

At this moment, everyone had subconsciously decided Jiang Chen as the pillar of the team who could lead them.

“Sister Hong Ying. I think all of us should separate here to find our own fortunes. If we stay together all the time, most of the opportunities would be restricted. That would deprive people’s chance of cultivating,” Jiang Chen said.

“That’s right. Let’s separate ways here and seek our own fortunes and benefits. Don't forget to come back here and gather two days later. By that time, our master will reopen the entrance of the Miniature Fengchi World,” said Yu Feng. 

Then, everyone went on their own way, heading to different directions respectively. Every one from the Dragon Hall was outstanding amongst the outstanding people and elite amongst the elites. Each of them could build on their own unique strength at Miniature Fengchi World. Feng Jingyang had never make a wrong judgment about his people.

In Jiang Chen’s perspective, he had to send everyone away because he came here with a special mission. Only when he was alone, could he use the talisman to search for the Ancient Shape Bloodline without worry.

Searching for the Ancient Shape Bloodline was his most important task in entering the Miniature Fengchi World. This was also his main reason after arriving in Fengchi Immortal Court. He would put everything related to cultivation behind because nothing was more important than the Ancient Shape Bloodline.

“Who are you?”

When Jiang Chen wanted to take out the talisman, suddenly there was something vibrating in the distance for a while. Jiang Chen took a glance over there instantaneously.

Subtle space vibrations could be seen anywhere within this Atypical Spatial Zone. This was very normal, however the vibration just now was not normal. Jiang Chen had sharp perception and his instinct said that there must be something existing behind. The subtle vibration just now caused some uneasiness in Jiang Chen’s heart. He couldn’t help being cautious.

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