Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2023

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Strong winds gushed inside the Miniature Fengchi World, there were violent hurricanes to be seen everywhere. Some of which consist of black and devilish wind, which gave off an extremely uncomfortable feeling. People were unknowingly pressured the moment they entered this world. 

The Miniature Fengchi World in itself was a place of extreme cruelty. It was similar to the Golden Horizon, where it had gone through a great slaughter, and historical remains could be seen.

In addition, there were demons and devils hiding in this dark environment as it was a very suitable place for them to live in. 

Even though the environment was harsh, the prodigies of the Immortal Court had no problem dealing with it, as they were at least at the Immortal Venerable realm. 

In other words, the environment of this world had no effect towards them. 

The Miniature Fengchi World was a large atypical spatial zone. The other disciples that had entered the place had dispersed to different directions to search for their own fortune. In that case, the fortunes they would gain were naturally hidden away from others.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen and his Dragon Hall companions were immediately stopped by a shout the moment they entered the realm. 

They saw a dozen or so people from the Leopard Hall blocking their path, spearheaded by Hei Sha. Moreover, Hei Sha was also the one who had shouted his name just a moment ago. 

“Hei Sha, what are you guys doing now?” Hong Ying said angrily. 

“Hong Ying, this is not your concern. Jiang Chen had once invaded our Leopard Hall, causing us to completely lose face, and Lu Jian was also crippled. The whole Immortal Court knows that Lu Jian is my underling, him crippling Lu Jian meant that he’s disrespecting me. Today, I shall have him pay the price for his actions,” Lui Sha said coldly as if his victory was already certain against Jiang Chen. 

“Price? I don’t know what price do you want me to pay.” 

Jiang Chen slipped out a smile of indifference from the corner of his mouth. He did not consider Hei Sha as someone worthy of his time. However, it looked like the other party didn’t want to have a proper discussion with him given the situation.

“Jiang Chen, if you’re tactful… you’ll destroy your own cultivation and also become a cripple like Lu Jian, only then would it be fair. Also, saving me the trouble of killing you by myself.” Hei Sha said loudly. 

Hei Sha straight-up wanted Jiang Chen to destroy his own cultivation by utilizing the excuse of taking revenge for Lu Jian.  

“Hei Sha, do not go too far! Our Dragon Hall fears no one! Don’t think that with our Big Senior Brother not being here you could do whatever you want!”

Hong Ying became extremely angry, since the Dragon Hall was always the one bullying others and had never once others go against them. Although Hei Sha was strong, he wasn’t strong enough to want to bully the Dragon Hall, it was a serious mistake of him. 

“Hmmph! I would still kill Jiang Chen even if Yu Huafan were to come. Don’t forget that this is the Miniature Fengchi World, he’ll just die in vain.” Hei Sha harrumphed. 

One could see that Hei Sha was determined to kill Jiang Chen as it was his primary objective in entering the Miniature Fengchi World.


Duan Ren wanted to say something but was interrupted by Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen took two steps forward and said indifferently: “Hei Sha, I’m not one to be tactful. Why not do it yourself if you want to kill me to avenge Lu Jian. But first I’ll give you a piece of advice, you best be mentally prepared… If you really show your hand against me… your end shall be far worse than Lu Jian.”

“Haha, Jiang Chen. You’re too arrogant. I shall grant your desire of wanting to fight me.”

Hei Sha laughed loudly, completely looking down upon Jiang Chen. For him, no matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, he was just a Half-step Great Sovereign. Being a Second Grade Great Sovereign, Hei Sha could easily kill a Half-step Great Sovereign like Jiang Chen. No matter how monstrous Jiang Chen was… he’s also a prodigy himself. 

It was a pity that Hei Sha possessed little information about Jiang Chen. He was unaware of the matters that had unfolded on the Demonic Immortal Island and did not personally witness the terrifying skills and technique Jiang Chen had. He simply did not know fear and didn’t know that he was walking straight towards his death. 

“Come. ”

Jiang Chen soared to the skies in an instant, explosive energy burst out from his body and he started morphing into his dragon form. 

“Courting death.”

Hei Sha wore a cruel expression. The aura of a Second Grade Great Sovereign was unleashed. He appeared on the opposite of Jiang Chen, a ghastly glow shone from his black battle armour, the qi he emitted was extremely cold. One could simply guess that his core cultivation technique was one of the chilling cold attributes. 

Jiang Chen cared even lesser towards people that possesses special attributes. He could easily suppress his opponent just from the cultivation attributes that they practiced. Hence, the result of this battle was already imaginable. 

As a matter of fact, Hei Sha wasn’t a match against Jiang Chen after Jiang Chen advanced to the Half-step Great Sovereign realm, even without factoring in the natural restraint of opposite attributes. From the moment Jiang Chen became a Half-step Great Sovereign, the disparity between the two of them had widened tremendously. Let alone Jiang Chen who was in his dragon form. 

“This Jiang Chen is doomed, Senior Brother Hei Sha will make sure that he’s dead.”

“That’s for sure. Jiang Chen does not know the immensity of the heavens and earth, he dares to challenge Senior Brother Hei Sha, this act in itself is like seeking his own death. Our Leopard Hall shall regain its honour after killing Jiang Chen, and Lu Jian’s revenge shall be taken too.”

“Look, my guess is that Jiang Chen couldn’t last more than 3 rounds against Senior Brother Hei Sha.”


The people of the Leopard Hall had immense confidence towards Hei Sha, their expressions were filled with sneers. This confidence stemmed from Hei Sha’s strength and not because of Jiang Chen being weak.

“Is Junior Jiang going to be okay?” Someone from the Dragon Hall worrisomely asked. 

“Going to be okay? You take the question mark away. Have you forgotten that Jiang Chen was on an even ground with me even when he was still a mid-Immortal Venerable when he first arrived? He is now two levels higher, attaining the Half-step Great Sovereign realm. He is the most outrageous existence within our Dragon Hall, not even Big Senior Brother is his match. That Hei Sha wanting to kill Junior Jiang is just seeking his own death.” 

Yu Feng sneered without feeling worried. He had fought against Jiang Chen and knew how strong Jiang Chen was. Yu Feng had already concluded that Hei Sha’s confrontation would only lead to his own death.

“You’re right, Hei Sha is seeking his own death and no one could be blamed.” 

Hong Ying nodded, she wasn't worried about the battle between Jiang Chen and Hei Sha.

On the sky… 

Hei Sha was the first to move, floating black qi waves surrounded his body, the terrifying black energy formed into an equalled powerful sea of black waves that was under his control, which he then used to attack Jiang Chen aggressively. 

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