Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2020

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In fact, Feng Jingyang currently genuinely felt the pressure of being Jiang Chen’s master. It was not a mere pressure, but a lot of pressure.

Not saying about that issue, Feng Jingyang particularly had the feeling of shivering when Jiang Chen called him as master in front of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and Old Ancestor Green Lotus on that day.

What kind of characters were Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and Old Ancestor? Looking into the entire Immortal World, there were well-known lords, masters and top-notch existences apart from those in Sovereign Domain. In front of them, Feng Jingyang had to proclaim himself as a junior, yet Jiang Chen was these masters’ sworn brother.

This disciple of his was indeed quite awesome. 

“Getting back to the serious subject, the Miniature Fengchi World will be open the day after tomorrow. This is an opportunity to all the disciples of the Immortal Courts. The miniature world is considered as a unique existing atypical spatial zone. Numerous inheritances of powerful figures from the ancient era were left behind there. There were even strong demonic relics from the ancient era inside there. Once it was discovered by the Immortal Court, they called the zone as Miniature Fengchi World. Basically, you will not face any great danger with your current power, as long as your luck is not that bad.”

“In terms of the competition between the disciples of the Immortal Court, if the disciples of other hall came to pick on you, they are just digging themselves a hole,” said Feng Jingyang, explaining to Jiang Chen about the situation of the Miniature Fengchi World.

The Miniature Fengchi World was not created by the Immortal Court. It just existed by itself, but the Immortal Court made it as their own after discovering it. There were indeed a lot of great inheritances and benefits inside that zone. Or else, those disciples who had reached the Great Sovereign realm would not enter that miniature world.

“Hmm… I have heard something about the Miniature Fengchi World before. I hope that I can get some benefits from entering it.”

Jiang Chen nodded. However, he would not tell Feng Jingyang about his real reason for entering the Miniature Fengchi World at this point. 

“Jiang Chen, there’s one more thing that I would like to talk with you. I would like to know about the relationship between you and Heaven Sovereign.”

Feng Jingyang suddenly looked at Jiang Chen seriously. When Jiang Chen came to this Immortal Court, he was summoned right away by Heaven Sovereign. 

Feng Jingyang would definitely have doubted this matter in the past, how could it be possible for the little Jiang Chen to befriend someone as mighty as Heaven Sovereign. 

However, after spending some time with Jiang Chen, Feng Jingyang realized that this disciple of his was really miraculous and could not be regarded in an ordinary perspective. How could an ordinary man become the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign by oath? 

“Master, why would you ask this?”

Jiang Chen frowned, he felt like something was going to happen and it was all written in the stars. 

“Jiang Chen. Let me be frank. If you have a relationship with Heaven Sovereign Lord, you better not be too close with him. This is because Star Sovereign has prepared to fight against Heaven Sovereign,” answered Feng Jingyang.

“When will he take action?”

Jiang Chen’s countenance fell. It seemed like the adversity of Fengchi Immortal Court finally came to a moment that no one could avoid.

“Star Sovereign has greased the wheels through making relationship with the elders of the Immortal Courts in secret. Taking action against Heaven Sovereign is a serious matter. If Star Sovereign didn’t build up connection with all of the higher-ups, he would be accused of murdering a Sovereign Lord. Star Sovereign couldn't neglect such accusation. At the moment, there are still some voices of opposition amongst the higher-ups of the Immortal Court since Heaven Sovereign is still considered as a figure of the past era. In my opinion, once Star Sovereign completely greased the wheels, he will take action against Heaven Sovereign. By that time, I’m afraid Heaven Sovereign Palace will disappear. That’s why I think you better don't get close with Heaven Sovereign,” said Feng Jingyang. 

Normally, Feng Jingyang wouldn’t have told Jiang Chen about this matter due to its secrecy. However, since he had spoken this out, this showed how much he cared and valued Jiang Chen. Of course, Feng Jingyang wanted to test Jiang Chen.

“Master, do you agree with Star Sovereign’s plan to murder Heaven Sovereign? 

Jiang Chen asked. Since this subject was brought up, Jiang Chen would like to know Feng Jingyang’s opinion. 

It’s confirmed that he wanted to save Heaven Sovereign, but he wouldn't want Feng Jingyang and him to become enemies in the future.

“Me? I, Feng Jingyang, have always been loyal to the Immortal Court. However, I do have my own thoughts and bottom lines when doing things. Who cares about Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign, none of them can force to do something that I am reluctant to do. For me, it doesn’t matter who rules the Immortal Court. I won’t join nor interfere when Star Sovereign takes action against Heaven Sovereign even though I am actually against this as Heaven Sovereign had treated Star Sovereign fairly in the past. However, the weak are always the prey of the strong in this world. It’s the law of the jungle. Winners will be rulers, and losers descended into rebels. Heaven Sovereign is doomed to fall,” Feng Jingyang said.

Jiang Chen nodded inwardly. Feng Jingyang was exactly as he had expected. If Feng Jingyang were outside of the Immortal World, he would be a hermit with his independent personality. Even the Sovereign Lord would have no way to force him to do something he doesn't want to. Thus, he would choose not to participate in the skirmish between Star Sovereign and Heaven Sovereign. He would remain neutral and help no one. 

In fact, it was not a dead-end yet. Not siding with Star Sovereign was the greatest mercy Feng Jingyang could show, since it’s impossible for him to help Heaven Sovereign at all cost. Feng Jingyang was not a fool and he was naturally a centrist. Why would he choose to help someone who would never win with the risk of his own life?

If this happened to other people, they would definitely stand along with Star Sovereign without any hesitation and doubt.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen was not wrong about Feng Jingyang. It was indeed worthwhile to win him over.   

In this regard, Jiang Chen decided to lay his cards on the table to show Feng Jingyang. Feng Jingyang’s influence could bring great advantage to them if Heaven Sovereign won him over. Feng Jingyang’s existence could cause psychological impact on others, especially on those who used to follow Heaven Sovereign and was treated well by him.

“Master, if I say that my relationship with Heaven Sovereign is not just so-so and the reason I came here is to help Heaven Sovereign, what would you do?

Jiang Chen looked at Feng Jingyang and said in an extremely calm tone. 

After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, obviously, Feng Jingyan was shocked but he immediately recovered. Apparently, he had a similar assumption deep in his heart, yet he never expected that it was real. Since Jiang Chen had spoken it out at this moment, his assumption became unquestionable.  

“Jiang Chen, this is a serious matter. Don't joke around.” 

Feng Jingyang’s tone was heavy and serious.

“Since I have put out my cards on the table for you today, I have nothing to hide from you. Nangong Wentian and I have known each other ever since in Saint Origin World, the world below. Old Ancestor Greenlotus was also my friend at that period of time, that’s why he called me old friend. Ah Nan and I were friends that have gone through life and death. I just never thought that he was the incarnation of Heaven Sovereign. Today, my brother is in trouble, I, Jiang Chen, will help him at the cost of my life instead of doing nothing. This is the exact reason why I have come to Fengchi Immortal Court. Entering Dragon Hall is just counted as an unexpected gain to me.”

Jiang Chen said it in an adamant way. Feng Jingyang had no reason to let a person who would help his friends at the cost of his life to give up his purpose. 

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