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Jiang Chen and Big yellow left, and the Great Qian Empire became quiet once again. But after such a major incident, the empire had truly solidified their foundation in the Eastern Profound Domain and would not face any major threat again. 

The Nanbei Family would certainly lie low and not cause a scene. Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley had a good diplomatic relation with the Great Qian Empire, there wasn’t any other power that would go against the Great Qian Empire as long as the Immortal Courts did not interfere.

No matter how shameless the three Immortal Courts were, they wouldn't dare to touch the Great Qian Empire after the appearance of both Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and Ancestor Green lotus. The influence of the Demonic Immortal Island and White Dragon Temple was still powerful. 

The next important matter was the opening of the Miniature Fengchi World. It was all for the sake of this day that Jiang Chen joined the Fengchi Immortal Court. 

Yan Chenyu stayed back in Great Qian Empire to cultivate as she had just advanced to the Great Sovereign realm. It was crucial for her to stabilize her cultivation, and the Great Qian Empire that had just attained peace was an optimal place for her to cultivate. 

As for Jiang Chen, the trip back to the empire was fruitful for him. Firstly, he had thoroughly settled the grudge between him and Nanbei Chao, finally fulfilling one of his wishes, as he had been fighting Nanbei Chao for such a long time, it was time for it to end. 

Next, it was the meeting of an old friend, Ancestor Greenlotus, which had given him a big surprise. It’s not just a situation where he could meet his old friend, it even helped him get rid of the harassment of the three Immortal Courts, albeit temporarily. To temporarily get rid of the grudge between him and the Immortal Courts had certainly saved him a lot of trouble before the upcoming catastrophe of the Immortal World. 

“I’ve never thought that Greenlotus’ past life was the abbot of the White Dragon Temple, unbelievable.” Jiang Chen said in surprise. 

It was impossible to not be shocked about the identity of Ancestor Greenlotus. 

“No one would’ve thought about it, but the stronger Ancestor Greenlotus is, the better we are. As far as I know, the cultivation of the abbot of the White Dragon Temple was not just at the Sixth Grade Great Sovereign realm. Greenlotus must still have an enormous chance to advance and fight against the Barbarians. Buddhist sects could play an important role in the upcoming battle,” said Big Yellow. 

“You’re right. According to Ancestor Greenlotus, the second catastrophe of the Immortal World is approaching, in which Sister Ning had also mentioned in the past. Furthermore, we’ve personally witnessed the terrifying strength of the Barbarians when we rescued you in the Desolate Ancient Land. It was enough to create a catastrophe.” Jiang Chen said with a nod. 

All sorts of signs had indicated that a new catastrophe was approaching. 

Jiang Chen was immensely excited in regards to this life and death catastrophe that would change the fate of the whole Immortal World. The Barbarians were like delicious nourishment for him as the level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had been stagnant for a while. The current Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had 57 levels, in which after the catastrophe came, the level Ancestral Dragon Pagoda shall without a doubt increase. 

After Jiang Chen had returned to the Fengchi Immortal Court, he was immediately surrounded by the disciples of the Dragon Hall. 

They did not know what had happened in the Great Qian Empire the day before, but they knew about the things that had happened in the Demonic Immortal Island. Since what had happened in the Demonic Immortal Island was too large that everyone under the heavens had heard about it, especially Jiang Chen, that had become a celebrity, it was hard for people to NOT know about it. 

“Our junior Jiang has returned. Oh my god! His cultivation level has reached the Half-step Great Sovereign realm, are you joking?!”

“My gosh, what supplements did this fellow eat? Isn’t this progress too ferocious?! Didn’t he leave not too long ago? Now he’s a Half-step Great Sovereign, is he still human?”

“Right?! If I’m not wrong, Junior Jiang who had attained the Half-step Great Sovereign was able to use a powerful transformation skill. Perhaps, not even Big Senior Brother is his match.”


Each and everyone in the Dragon Hall was in a frenzy after they saw that Jiang Chen had already reached the Half-step Great Sovereign realm. They were the prodigies amongst prodigies, especially Hong Ying, Yu Feng and Duan Ren, they were the elites among the prodigies but even people like them did not possess such a terrifying cultivation speed.  

In their point of view, Jiang Chen must be a monster.

“Senior brothers and sisters, I’m embarrassed that you all are watching me covetously.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Excuse me, our Junior Jiang unexpectedly would feel embarrassed, eh?” 

“Junior Jiang, I’ve heard that you have become famous after your trip to the Demonic Immortal Island. Why don’t you tell us how did you and the Demon Sovereign become sworn brothers, it must’ve been exciting.”

“Right?! It’s Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign! You, little fellow straight up became his sworn brother. For such nonsense to be true, it’s a tremendous pity to not be able to witness such an event on-site personally.”

“Junior Jiang, you must tell us what had happened over there as the things that Big Senior Brother said lacked any emotion, it was boring.”


Yu Feng and the others surrounded Jiang Chen with each one of them asking different questions, causing Yu Huafan to not know whether to laugh or cry, whereas Jiang Chen couldn’t even interrupt their questions. 

“Alright, alright, have you guys had enough?” Yu Huafan said snappishly. 

“Sho sho sho, Big Senior Brother, your story lacks emotion and feelings. Today, we want to have a long chat with Junior Jiang.”

Duan Ren impatiently pushed Yu Huafan to the side. 

Yu Huafan helplessly shook his head, he was helpless towards this group of junior brothers and sisters. The dignity of a Big Senior Brother was not to be found. 

Yet, the Dragon Hall was certainly united, the Big Senior Brother did not possess the arrogance of a normal Big Senior Brother. Everyone gathered together like they were real brothers and sisters, this warm atmosphere was something that Jiang Chen liked very much. 

“Alright, you rascals, that's enough.”

A voice resounded and Feng Jingyang leisurely walked towards the crowd with a slight smile. 

“Master, this time you’ve really spotted and gained a good disciple.” Yu Feng said with a smile. 

“You’re talking about this master’s foresight. Of course, that goes without saying.”

Feng Jingyang glared at Yu Feng and said: “The Miniature Fengchi World is opening in a few days, you all should’ve been preparing for it.”

“Understood. Master,” said Hong Ying. 

“Jiang Chen, follow me.”

Feng Jingyang said and he turned around to walk towards the back. 

“Master is really biased, we had never once chatted with just the two of us,” Duan Ren said with a face filled with jealousy and envy. 

“No? Didn’t Master look for you alone when you did something wrong and punished you severely.”

“Go to hell……”


From a spot not too far away, Jiang Chen walked towards Feng Jingyang’s side. 

“Jiang Chen, your present status… is something that this master is even afraid of.” Feng Jingyang teasingly said with a smile. 

“Master, you’re joking.”

Jiang Chen chuckled, he knew that Feng Jingyang was referring to Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign and Ancestor Greenlotus. 

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