Dragon-Marked War God -  Chapter 2013

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The Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign coldly harrumphed when he heard what Wu Yuanyang said and looked at Wu Yuanyang with disgust. 

“Your Immortal Courts’ honour? So my honour is insignificant? Jiang Chen is my sworn brother. Those who want to kill Jiang Chen means that they are opposing me. Let’s not talk about you three scrubs, even if your Sovereign Lords were to come personally, they would need to give me some respect. Who dares to kill my sworn brother in this Immortal World?! ”

His attitude was overbearingly strong as he did not give a single shred of respect towards the three major Immortal Courts. 

The Demon Sovereign was an explosive tempered guy, he only values friendship and anything other than that was insignificant.

Especially towards Jiang Chen, the Demon Sovereign was genuinely kind towards Jiang Chen. The reason was simple, he felt a strong connection between them. Plus, he couldn't allow the successor of his benefactor to die as the identity of Jiang Chen was the successor of the Void Sovereign.

He would protect Jiang Chen even with the cost of his life. 

“Boy, look, this is the greatest reward in your journey to the Demonic Immortal Island.” Big Yellow said. 

Jiang Chen nodded in agreement to Big Yellow’s words. His greatest reward in that journey wasn’t the Vermilion Bird Divine Blood, but becoming the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng.

Without Heavenly Peng, Jiang Chen had no idea on how to solve the crisis today. The three major Immortal Courts intent to kill him was crystal clear and perhaps only the Demon Sovereign could solve such a crisis. 

Furthermore, the matter regarding the Fengchi Immortal Court may also need the help of the Demon Sovereign. Jiang Chen understood that Star Sovereign’s position in the Immortal Court was deeply rooted, even if Heaven Sovereign were to return and obtain the Ancient Shape Bloodline back, it would be extremely hard for him to re-establish his control of the Immortal Court. 

Star Sovereign must’ve made many schemes to attain such results, and surely wouldn’t allow Jiang Chen to retaliate. Furthermore, a Sixth Grade Great Sovereign Lord was not an existence that could easily be dealt with. 

“Lord Demon Sovereign, it wouldn’t be good for you to oppose three major Immortal Courts just for a mere Jiang Chen. We hope the Lord to rethink his decision, for the sake of not destroying the relationship between the Demonic Immortal Island and the Immortal Courts just for an outsider.”

Huang Qingzhong couldn’t help but say while firmly looking at the Demon Sovereign.

“Relationship? What relationship do my Demonic Immortal Island and you guys have? There’s no chance for you all to kill Jiang Chen. Also, if you want to have a discussion, call the three Sovereign Lords to come. Otherwise, I’ll leave with Jiang Chen today.” Heavenly Peng said. 

He was a genuinely arrogant individual, one that would look down on everything under the heavens, not even the Lords of the Immortal Court was worth his time. 

The trio helplessly looked at each other when they’ve witnessed how overbearing the Demon Sovereign was. 

“Why don’t we ask the Sovereign Lord to come, we are not qualified to negotiate with the Demon Sovereign. We would instantly be slapped to death if we were to anger him. Wouldn’t that be an unworthy death?” Li Xiangyun said with a frown. 

“You’re right, the Demon Sovereign is a famously powerful figure, he’s not someone that could be dealt with the likes of us. These powerful figures all are eccentric and would do things spontaneously. He’s not someone that we could handle, our death is certain if he really were to take action.”

Huang Qingzhong said with a nod in agreement to Li Xiangyun. They were not qualified to oppose someone such as the Demon Sovereign. 

“That is the only option left, I wonder what method did the boy Jiang Chen do to have the Demon Sovereign become his sworn brother. Furthermore, he made the Demon Sovereign not hesitate to leave the external sea to come here and protect him. Looking at the attitude the Demon Sovereign exhibited, there’s no chance that he would back off. We could only ask for the Sovereign Lord to take action with the current situation at hand.” Wu Yuanyang said in agreement to the both of them. 

People like Feng Jingyang may not matter much to them, but the Demon Sovereign was different, he was a peak figure of the Immortal World, an existence on par with the Sovereign Lord, only the Sovereign Lords had the qualification to negotiate with the Demon Sovereign as equals.

Moreover, the speed of Jiang Chen’s growth was just too fast and his cultivation level was getting stronger each day. This kind of powerful enemy had caused the Immortal Courts to start to worry. Hence, they were determined to settle the grudge with Jiang Chen today, even if their Sovereign Lord were to personally take action. 

Therefore, the three of them simultaneously took out a special signalling spiritual talisman which had a special frequency, one could clearly see that it was specifically used to signal the Sovereign Lord. 

“They’re contacting their Sovereign Lord, looks like the determination of the three Great Immortal Courts to kill Jiang Chen is unbelievably strong.” Feng Jingyang said with slight worry. 

It was the three great Sovereign Lords after all and not just one Sovereign Lord. It wouldn’t be easy to face them. 

“Hmph! Let’s not talk about the three great Sovereign Lords, even if all the nine great Sovereign Lords were to come. I, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, do not care, I dare one to try and kill my brother.” Heavenly Peng coldly harumphed. 

The aura he exhibited had reached the peak, one could see that the Demon Sovereign was ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of Jiang Chen. 

“The Demon Sovereign is awesome! Such dominance!”

“I knew that the Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign was the Master of the Demonic Immortal Island, but I’ve never imagined that Jiang Chen had become a sworn brother of such a powerful figure. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t witness it with my own eyes. ”

“Yeah, who would’ve thought that today’s matter would explode to such a huge scale. The people involved are getting more and more powerful, perhaps the lords of the Immortal Court would really appear. Our genius prefecture has truly become lively.”


As for the people of Great Qian Empire, there has been a flow of great legendary figures appearing one after another. If this were in the past, the appearance of these many Great Sovereigns would be the ultimate glory that would be known throughout the ages. 

But now, Genius Prefecture had become a place of negotiation to settle the grudge between Jiang Chen and the three great Immortal Courts. The Emperor of Great Qian Empire could only be an audience without a say in this matter, and he wouldn’t dare to have a say in this as well. 

“Many thanks, big brother.” Jiang Chen said while clasping his fist. 

All the gratitudes were condensed into those two words. He could see that the Demon Sovereign was truly kind towards him. This sentiment could only be kept in his heart. 

Jiang Chen truly needs the assistance of the Demon Sovereign with the present situation at hand. 

“Brother, we are sworn brothers, there is no need for such formality. This brother believes that if there’s a time I am desperately in need of help, you also wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for me.” 

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign patted the shoulder of Jiang Chen. 

In awhile, three shining bright rays of light suddenly appeared from the skies of Genius Prefecture coming from three different directions. The whole genius prefecture was immediately engulfed with endless prestige, without guessing, the three Sovereign Lords have arrived. 


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