Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2011

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“Holy shit! F**king awesome! Jiang Chen’s master is a hot-tempered guy.”

“Haha, he’s as awesome as Senior Xiao Wangqing in the past. Jiang Chen’s got a strong backing after joining the Fengchi Immortal Court. It’s going to be hard for Wu Yuanyang to kill Jiang Chen with his master being present today.”

“Look, with Fengchi Immortal Court as his backing, Jiang Chen is not an easy target anymore. There’s nothing for us to worry about, let’s just stand on the sidelines and watch this show.”


Feng Jingyang’s strength had almost blinded the people of Great Qian Empire. It was a bit too powerful. 

The disciple mirrors the master, with such a forceful master protecting his disciple, those who dared to touch Jiang Chen would have a hard time achieving it. 

Jiang Chen who was standing beside Feng Jingyang was grinning. This was his first time seeing Feng Jingyang being so forceful. Truth to be told, Feng Jingyang’s character was to Jiang Chen’s liking. 

Moreover, Feng Jingyang was able to protect Jiang Chen at such a crucial time today, causing Jiang Chen to feel extremely grateful towards Feng Jingyang. From this point alone, Feng Jingyang had truly considered Jiang Chen to be one of his own. 

“Feng Jingyang, aren’t you cocky. We’re definitely going to kill Jiang Chen today, can you stop it from happening?” 

At this moment, another powerful pressure appeared from the faraway skies. One doesn’t need to imagine that another powerful expert was joining the fray.

Eight figures appeared from the sky. They were obviously from two different factions with two Fifth Grade Great Sovereigns in the group. 

“Huang Qingzhong of the Mi Luo Immortal Court, Li Xiangyun of the Guang Ming Immortal Province. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself on ganging up on my disciple?” 

Feng Jingyang looked at the incoming ‘visitors’ and said snappishly. But even if there were three Fifth Grade Great Sovereign opponents, Feng Jingyang’s expression was devoid of fear. There weren’t many people in this world that he was afraid of. 

“Motherf**ker, experts from Mi Luo Immortal Court and Guang Ming Immortal Court has come too. They really want Jiang Chen’s head, it’s going to get chaotic with this many Great Sovereigns experts joining the fray. ”

“We never had these many experts gathered here since the founding of our Genius Prefecture. This occasion is enough to be categorized as a historical event for Great Qian Empire.”

“There are too many experts here demanding for Jiang Chen, how will Feng Jingyang handle this situation?”


The atmosphere that had recently calmed quickly became tense once again with the emergence of the experts from the Mi Luo Immortal Court and Guang Ming Immortal Court, anxiety filled the hearts of the spectators. Today, a major event was destined to happen, but no one dared to anticipate what will happen next… 

Because anything could happen with the situation at hand. There’s even a chance where many more experts would arrive. 

Usually, it was extremely hard to catch a glimpse of a Great Sovereign. But now, there are so many Great Sovereign experts appearing one after another. The people had begun to feel numb from such a spectacle.

“Feng Jingyang, Jiang Chen must die today! No one shall be able to rescue Jiang Chen with us three Immortal Courts joining hands together.” Li Xiangyun said in a powerful tone.

Even though Huang Qingzhong, who was standing at the side, didn’t speak a word, his stern manner had indicated his stance on the matter. Not even one of the people they sent to the Demonic Immortal Island had come back, it must have been related to Jiang Chen. 

They might not have an idea on what to do if Jiang Chen were to hide in the Fengchi Immortal Court. Since no matter how powerful they were, they couldn’t just go to Fengchi Immortal Court and demand him. 

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had appeared in the Eastern Profound Domain and had a duel with Nanbei Chao in such a glamorous manner that it was hard for them not to catch wind about it. It was a great opportunity to the three major factions to eliminate Jiang Chen. They had no reason to miss it and would absolutely not miss it. 

“Is this a joke? Nobody can injure Jiang Chen with my presence here. Why don't the three of you cooperate and give it a try.”

Feng Jingyang was like an aggressive madman with an unparalleled aura. He's the one who would fight others in the slightest dispute. 

The scene of one versus three reminded Jiang Chen about the scene when Xiao Wangqing fought against Li Wangye. History always had its ways of repeating itself, however the players were different this time. 

Xiao Wangqing and Li Wangye were just Half-step Great Sovereigns at the time and the current Feng Jingyang was not someone that could be compared with them.

“Feng Jingyang, are you sure you want to fight?” Huang Qingzhong said fiercely.

“Come and fight, I, your father, am not afraid of you lot.”

A strong qi wave instantly erupted from Feng Jingyang’s body with boundless tyrannical battle intent. He didn’t feel any shred of fear even if he had to face three opponents on his own. 

“Then, let’s see how powerful is the legendary Feng Jingyang.”

Li Xiangyun was also a guy with a hot temper, he attacked Feng Jingyang with strong murderous intent. 

On the other end, Huang Qingzhong and Wu Yuanyang coordinated with Li Xiangyun’s attack. The three of them simultaneously attacked Feng Jingyang from three different directions. 

Feng Jingyang’s fame had reached far and wide throughout the Immortal World, everyone knew who he was. The three of them ganged up against him because they knew that Feng Jingyang wasn’t someone to be trifled with. Their goals were simple, to end the fight quickly and eliminate the threat, Jiang Chen.  

“Three versus one, what is there for me, Feng Jingyang, to be afraid of.”

With his unparalleled power, Feng Jingyang created mysterious images instantly. Each of the images was like a world of its own, bearing the strength of a world and individually clashing upon the other three experts. 


The void was thoroughly shattered from the first collision. This area had gone through many battles in just one day, where each scale was stronger than the one last. Now, the skies of Genius Prefecture had countless cracks that would take time to repair. 

Countless eyes gazed upon the skies. Feng Jingyang fought three people on his own with vigour, and without letting the opponents gain the upper hand.

“Feng Jingyang is certainly powerful, the three of them haven’t gained the upper hand even after ganging up on him.”

Big Yellow was praising unceasingly with Jiang Chen nodding his head hard. He had never seen Feng Jingyang in action before, and had never thought Feng Jingyang to be powerful to this extent. 

But from just the previous clash between the four, Li Xiangyun and the others seemed certain about Feng Jingyang strength, hence they did not hesitate to gang up on him, disregarding honour. 

Layers and layers of airwaves were created from the violent battle. However, the battle has just started and it was expected that no conclusion would be made in a short period of time. 

Although Feng Jingyang could go against three of them by himself, it was precisely because it was three versus one that he couldn’t be victorious, the fight could only be at a stalemate. 

“The two of you, hold Feng Jingyang off. I’ll go kill Jiang Chen.”

Wu Yuanyang suddenly backed out from the battle and shouted towards Li Xiangyun and Huang Qingzhong while he attempts to kill Jiang Chen.

They had to send one person out to kill Jiang Chen, since they couldn’t defeat Feng Jingyang quickly. But with the other two holding Feng Jingyang at bay, they should be able to hold him without problem even though they were not his match.  

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