Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2007

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Facing the strike of the Third Grade Great Sovereign’s Sovereign Weapon, Big Yellow opened his mouth wide, not showing any fear on his face. Instead, his face was filled with excitement.

Big Yellow did not even change the way he attacked despite facing the combat sword of the opponent. He still attacked, shoving his all-conquering head.  The scene was frightening. The hundreds and thousands of audience couldn’t help opening their mouths in shock, conjecturing how strong his head was. His head had been against the fists of the Third Grade Great Sovereign just a moment ago, but now it was confronting a combat sword. One should know that it was a piece of Sovereign Weapon!

In fact, no one could actually understand how terrifying Big Yellow’s head was. 

Big Yellow’s head itself was a piece of supreme weapon. As his cultivation realm had continuously increased, his skull had become more and more lethal. Unceremoniously, Big Yellow’s head was currently far more powerful than normal Sovereign Weapons; at least it was more powerful than the Third Grade Great Sovereign’s combat sword.

There was no doubt about it. 

Moreover, Big Yellow’s head shone out with greater brilliance in this battle. The dragon horn on his head had emerged. The horn unceasingly flickered out electric lights, shattering everything that passed through it.


Under innumerable gazes, Big Yellows’s head collided with the Sovereign weapon. 

A horrific scene reappeared. The unparalleled Sovereign Weapon did not even leave a wound on Big Yellow’s head, rather it couldn’t hold the collision and directly fly out from the Third Grade Great Sovereign’s hand.

That did not matter much yet. After the battle sword had flown out, the other hand of the Third Grade Great Sovereign that held the sword was almost crushed. Blood spurted out from his hand like a fountain.


Big Yellow struck again with the speed of lightning, leaving no chance for his opponent to react. This time, his head hit the opponent’s skull. The result of such hit was almost imaginable. 

Without having time to screech, the poor Third Grade Great Sovereign was immediately killed by the collision of Big Yellow’s head. 


Bursting into an uproar, the people from both Great Qian Empire and Immortal Courts gazed with eyes wide-open at this very moment. The scene just now was like a dream, and too startling.


The Fourth Grade Great Sovereign couldn’t help but curse. Endless rage spewed out from his body. He was both shocked and furious.

In the state of shock, he had never expected that Big Yellow had already reached such a terrifying realm. It’s just too heaven-defying. One should know that Big Yellow’s opponent was a Third Grade Great Sovereign from the Immortal Court. A Third Grade Great Sovereign! Even though he might not be able to defeat Big Yellow, escaping should not be a problem for him.

Who could foresee that the Third Grade Great Sovereign did not even have a chance to escape and was killed directly. 

Seeing the Third Grade Great Sovereign being killed in front of everybody had spited the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign. He did not even have the opportunity to help, as the dog’s attack was just too fast to the point that it didn’t leave no chance for the others to react. 

As a matter of fact, comparing the Third Grade Great Sovereign to Big Yellow, there was a huge gap between their ability. Getting killed by Big Yellow was actually not something out of the ordinary. 

Of course, regardless of the death of the Third Grade Great Sovereign or how the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign missed his chance to help, this defeat boiled down to underestimating one’s opponent. 

If they had not underestimated their opponent, the Third Grade Great Sovereign would not have died that easily. 

If the Third Grade Great Sovereign had taken Big Yellow seriously, and chosen not to confront Big Yellow head on, he would have kept his life.   

Similarly, if the Fourth Grade Great Sovereign had not been overconfident in comrades’ abilities, and underrated the Big Yellow, he would have had the chance to help the Third Grade Great Sovereign.

“Elder Fan, that dog is too incredible , it’s not easy to handle him.” 

A Second Grade Great Sovereign said, and his face took on a ghastly expression.

When they arrived, they were in high and vigorous spirits, and completely ignored Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. However, all of their confidence had been crushed utterly right now. Big Yellow killed the Third Grade Great Sovereign within just a second

With his Second Grade Great Sovereign cultivation base, if he dashed into battle right now, he wouldn’t have had enough life to die.

“Let me kill him”

Elder Fan’s face showed his sour mood. He moved a step forward and came face-to-face with Big Yellow.

At this moment, Elder Fan didn’t only feel furious, there was also regret. He regretted allowing the Third Grade Great Sovereign to go on battle. He should have been the one who fought Big Yellow directly, so that the loss would not have been so huge.

Everyone knew that it cost the Immortal Court countless of resources to cultivate a Third Grade Great Sovereign. The fall of a Third Grade Great Sovereign was an imaginable loss.

“Dead Dog, you will pay a heavy price for what you have done,” said Elder Fan.

“Price? What price do you mean? Want to kill me with just you alone? I will let you taste my invincible Universe Entrancing Fart.”

While he was talking, Big Yellow turned his body around and aimed his plump butt directly at Elder Fan.

Seeing the action of Big Yellow, Elder Fan’s eyes became wide-opened in confusion. 

But immediately, Elder Fan was filled with rage. In his eyes, Big Yellow aiming his butt at him was indeed a humiliation to him. It’s a huge humiliation. 

“What is Big Yellow doing?”

“Yea, what kind of trick is that?”

“Don't you see it? Big Yellow is humiliating him. This is not any kind of trick. His head is extraordinarily strong, could it be possible that his butt would fail to attack?

“That’s hard to say. Big Yellow is such a weirdo, what is impossible?”


Whoever was really familiar with Big Yellow would definitely keep himself far away from this dog at this moment. It’s impossible that Elder Fan would know what would come next. What a pity that Elder Fan remained standing still behind Big Yellow’s butt without even moving.  This was going to get himself killed.   

At the moment when everyone thought that Big Yellow only intended to use such action to humiliate Elder Fan, there was a bang like a thunderbolt out of the clear sky.


Everyone looked stunned, seeing a billow of green gas spewing out from Big Yellow’s butt. Soon, the gas burst into blasts with a loud bang. The pitiful Elder Fan was entirely engulfed by the green waves.


Elder Fan threw up. 

“What the … *vomiting*...mother ...”

Elder Fan was vomiting in pain, and cursed.

This was definitely the most painful thing in life. It’s not enough to use “invincible” to describe Big Yellow’s Universe Entrancing Fart.

“Oh my god, there’s such a trick!”

“Good boy. I can even smell the rotten sweet potato far from here.”

“This is so disgusting. The fart was shaking the heavens and earth. A Fourth Grade Great Sovereign has completely lost his image, and had been thrown in an awkward situation with just a fart. This is not something easy.”


People of Great Qian Empire showed their admiration from top to bottom as Big Yellow always brought them surprise. What a poor Fourth Grade Great Sovereign.

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