Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1990

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“This Battle Saint Ape is too ruthless. There’s no way they can fight him. The saintess knew this beforehand. The saint ape has already gotten the saintess’ inheritance, and given his terrifying bloodline, his abilities have already surpassed Lan Xian and the rest.”

“This is a heavy loss to the three Immortal Courts. Three great geniuses have died. Only Luo Wanjian had made the smartest move, retreating at the most critical juncture. Otherwise, just like the other two, his life would’ve been taken by Dragon Shisan’s iron cudgel.”

“I’m afraid no one else will dare to fight him anymore. Anyone who isn’t a Third Grade Great Sovereign genius will only die by confronting the saint ape.”


Everyone was astonished. Dragon Shisan’s scariness was a complete eye-opener for them.

“Dammit! First it was Jiang Chen, now it’s Dragon Shisan. These two bastards have grown incredibly strong. Plus, Jiang Chen and Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign have become sworn brothers. When are we going to have our revenge?”

“We have suffered a hefty loss. We must tell the Sovereign Lord about what happened here when we return. We won’t let this matter rest.”

The experts of Mi Luo Immortal Court, and Radiance Immortal Court seemed angry and also sad. They couldn’t have imagined that the ceremony would turn out to be a tragedy for them.


Dragon Shisan returned to his human form, his dazzling eyes made people dare not look at them directly.

Jiang Chen could distinctly sense that the anger in Dragon Shisan had reduced after killing Tan Jinye and Liu He, which in a way, was a positive sign.

“Can’t believe that the Battle Saint Ape can be this heaven defying.”

Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign, who was also a member of the Demon Race, admitted that his bloodline wasn’t as extraordinary as Dragon Shisan’s.

“Who else wants to fight? Do it now.” The Saintess urged, seemingly still unsatisfied with the amount of killings.

“Are you kidding me?! Is she forcing us to die? Who else will go and fight that saint ape right after witnessing the death of those two?”

“Yeah. This saintess has passed away eons ago. This is merely a trace of her resentment. She intends to use Dragon Shisan to vent out her anger. We can’t fall for it again.”

“That’s right. Three people have already died. Whoever chooses to confront the saint ape right now must have a serious mental illness.”


No one else was foolish enough to rush ahead now, knowing that they had underestimated the strength of Dragon Shisan, and been enchanted by the rewards. They had seen through the motive of the saintess and already knew how ferocious Dragon Shisan was. Only the most stupid person would choose to confront the saint ape.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Seeing that no one was coming out to fight, the smiling face of the saintess turned gloomy and cold all of a sudden. Resentment surged out from her body, spreading across the sky above the Ancestral Grave. 

More importantly, this enormous cloud of resentment then rushed into the body of Dragon Shisan.   


The sudden infusion of such amount of resentment made Dragon Shisan roar incessantly, his eyes turning black as though his mind was being eroded by it. 

“Not good!”

Jiang Chen yelped. He had never expected that the saintess would turn aggressive and that she still had such enormous compressed anger. 

As Dragon Shisan was under the full control of the saintess, he might lose his senses for good and turn into a killing machine. 

“How could this happen?”

Heavenly Peng’s facial expression changed. Judging by the intensity of resentment, he was afraid that more than thousands of lives would be taken just to quench the thirst of the saintess. It was going to be a massacre.

“Let’s go, monkey.” She glanced at the frenzied Dragon Shisan and said.

Both Jiang Chen and Heavenly Peng were immediately alarmed as they knew very well what would happen after those two leave.

“This isn’t good. Once the saintess leaves here, her resentment will grow heavier until she turns into a terrifying vengeful spirit, and Dragon Shisan will become a killing machine controlled by her. When that time comes, there will be no peace in the Immortal World, and the killing will be endless.”

Heavenly Peng’s face wasn’t looking good. Even he was at a loss for what to do in such a situation. He could never stop the saintess from leaving because that would only anger her, putting the lives of everyone on the island at risk.

“Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen called. Big Yellow was the only one he could think of at this moment. He believed that Big Yellow, who was once the well-known Great Sovereign Dragon Sun, would know how to deal with this situation.

However, when Jiang Chen turned around, he discovered that Big Yellow, who was at his side just moments ago, was nowhere to be seen.

Then, at this moment, a silhouette emerged in the sky right before the saintess and Dragon Shisan.

He was the young Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun!

There was no doubt about it. Jiang Chen looked at him, stunned, realizing what this was about in an instant.

“Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun. My goodness! How could it be possible for such an ancient figure to appear right in front of us?”

Heavenly Peng exclaimed. Dragon Sun was a figure from the same era as Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian. Heavenly Peng was still a tiny bird during that time.

“Demon Sovereign, I heard that it was Demon Sovereign Dragon Sun that abandoned the saintess of the first era that year.” Blue Wolf whispered.

“Quiet. This is a secret. No one should know about this.” Heavenly Peng darted Blue Wolf a glare.

The saintess’ body trembled when she saw the youth, her eyes now staring at him.

“Saintess, how many years has it been? Why can’t you let it go?” said the young Demon Sovereign.

“I just want an explanation,” replied the saintess.

“Alright, I’ll give you an explanation.”

The young Demon Sovereign sent out waves of chaotic qi which enveloped and isolated them from the surroundings. 

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