Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1986

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After the image was destroyed, Lan Xian suffered a serious backlash. His entire body shook violently and his face turned pale. This time, he was really shocked to the core. Staring at Dragon Shisan who stood opposite of him, his eyes underwent a drastic change.

“How come this monkey is so strong?”

He gritted his teeth. Deep inside, he was depressed.

There was no way that he wouldn’t feel depressed. In reality, the technique he used just now was no  ordinary technique. Instead, it was a technique he took pride in. Originally, he thought that the technique was already enough to completely subdue Dragon Shisan by trapping the latter within. His opponent’s life and death would then be in his grasp.

Unfortunately, Dragon Shisan’s strength was beyond his imagination. That heaven-defying battle technique effortlessly crushed his own. 

“Too powerful. This ape’s means is truly formidable. If I’m not wrong, the technique he displayed should be the Battling Saint Technique from his own race. It’s overpowering. Judging by the current situation, Lan Xian isn’t his match anymore.”

“He is completely the reincarnation of a monster, ah! Such a heaven-defying being. He easily crushed Lan Xian’s attacks twice, and he hasn’t even truly unleashed his most powerful attack.”

“It’s too surprising. If Lan Xian could not defeat him, who else at the scene is able to be the violent ape’s match?”

None of the people present weren’t flabbergasted. Dragon Shisan’s performance was just too domineering. Apparently, it did not even require the least bit of his effort to fight Lan Xian.

“Junior Brother Jiang. This brother of yours is too strong.” 

Yu Huafan, who was watching the battle at a side, muttered. He was the one who understood Lan Xian’s capabilities the most. The latter was a person who was equal to him in terms of power. At first, he thought that Lan Xian would at least be able to defeat Dragon Shisan, but not to the point of killing the ape. Currently, it looked like he would already be considered not bad if he remained undefeated throughout the battle.

Jiang Chen was already abnormal. Now, one of Jiang Chen’s friends who came out of nowhere was also as abnormal as him. It actually made Yu Huafan unable to accept it.

“Lan Xian would die for sure.”

Jiang Chen replied indifferently. Such outcome was already in his expectation. No one else would be able to understand Dragon Shisan’s power more than him. Dragon Shisan only displayed the Battling Symbol Art of the Battle Saint Technique. Lan Xian’s consequence would just be the same if Dragon Shisan displayed the Exterminating Symbol Art.

Yu Huafan shot Jiang Chen a surprised glance once more. At this time, with his junior brother’s assurance, he could not help but take Jiang Chen’s words into heart. However, when his junior brother said that Dragon Shisan would be able to kill Lan Xian, he was more or less unable to believe him.

“Dragon Shisan. Take this attack. Heaven and Earth is unrivalled. The Great Dao has the mark!”

Finally, Lan Xian displayed his trump card. All of a sudden, his physical body grew bigger. A sense of Great Dao was emanated from his body. It was the ultimate technique which he had spent his lifetime mastering. It enabled him to simulate the mark of the Great Dao and directly attack his opponent’s soul, destroying the latter’s foundation. 

“I have to say this technique is great. Sadly, the Great Dao isn’t something that can be mastered so easily. This Lan Xian has only scraped the surface. The technique that he is going to display is only a simulation. If he really thinks that he could harm monkey’s soul with such a technique, he is certainly being overconfident.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a sneer. This Lan Xian was so eager to pursue the Great Dao. Unfortunately, mastering the Great Dao was not child’s play. The expert must be blessed by a massive luck for every comprehension of the Great Dao.

For example, Jiang Chen’s Dao of Slaughter. He really devoted himself to slaughter and he himself was the exact reflection of the Great Dao. For a person like Lan Xian who thought he was morally better than anyone else, he was truly biting more than he could chew if he wished to pursue the marks of the Great Dao. Lan Xian can say anything he likes, but in truth, he wasn’t anything. 

“Battle Saint Technique – Exterminating Symbol Art.”

Dragon Shisan, wearing an emotionless expression, displayed his technique once more. The dreadful Exterminating Symbol Art was finally performed by him, conjuring a huge word - “Exterminating” in the air. The word which was as big as a giant mountain hung in the battlefield. The word itself was the representation of death. 

On top of the black word, there was a black human face. It wasn’t any ordinary person’s face, but the face of the king of hell instead. He was a person who could determine a person’s life and death with just a single thought.


The Exterminating Symbol Art was matchless in the world. No living creature can escape death in the face of this technique. Compared to Lan Xian’s comprehension of the Great Dao, the aura of death in Dragon Shisan’s technique was something that could really affect a person’s state of mind and soul. For instance, under the pressure of the Exterminating Symbol Art, Lan Xian felt that his soul was trembling, and his heart was palpitating. There was an inexplicable uneasiness within him. 

Followed by a thunderous rumble, the technique displayed by Lan Xian was pulverized into ashes by the Exterminating Symbol Art in just a blink of an eye. What followed next was the enormous “Exterminating” falling directly above of Lan Xian.


Due to the destruction of his technique, Lan Xian had suffered a tremendous backlash and was grievously injured. At the same time, his state of mind became panic-stricken because of the massive pressure on his soul. For a brief moment, he couldn’t endure the intimidating Exterminating Symbol Art.


The Exterminating Symbol Art was like a gigantic mountain pressing against Lan Xian’s chest. The peerless destructive power caused Lan Xian to spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His qi began to weaken gradually.


The next moment, an iron cudgel emerged in Dragon Shisan’s hands. Without hesitation, he pounded it towards Lan Xian.

Countless onlookers cried out in alarm. At this point, anyone could already imagine that if the iron cudgel was struck at Lan Xian’s vital point, he would surely die. Moreover, in his current condition, his body seemed to be unable to withstand this strike anymore. 

“I surrender!”

Lan Xian shouted loudly as he felt an imminent danger. It was a feeling coming from the fear residing in the deepest part of his soul. It was the feeling of death. To Lan Xian, at a critical moment like this, his prestige, honor and everything else became unimportant. His utmost priority was his life. That’s why he shouted. However, Dragon Shisan had already sealed off the battlefield and the sky using his aura, leaving no chance for Lan Xian to escape. 

“No one is allowed to surrender in a life-and-death battle like this.”

When Dragon Shisan’s voice fell, the massive iron cudgel was mercilessly bashed towards Lan Xian’s head.


A miserable wail was the last note of Lan Xian’s voice left echoing in this world. With absolute precision, his head was smashed to smithereens, and fresh blood kept oozing out from it incessantly. A peak Second Grade Great Sovereign genius was murdered at the scene.

After that, Dragon Shisan kept his iron cudgel. His expression remained unchanged. For him, he would not show a shred of mercy in the geniuses of Ethereal Immortal Court.

“My god. Lan Xian is dead. He is killed just like that, by an iron cudgel!”

“It’s really a pity. It is indeed a great loss for Ethereal Immortal Court. Raising a genius like Lan Xian required tons of resources.”

“This monkey is truly ferocious. He did not even allow his opponent to surrender, let alone escape. What a savage monkey!”

The uproar amongst the crowd could not be quelled for the moment. Such an outcome was really beyond everyone’s expectations. 

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