Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1966

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From above the platform, Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign was staring at the divine blood of the Vermillion Bird in Jiang Chen’s hands. Naturally, he could clearly sense the true divine blood of the Vermillion Bird within.

Just as everyone thought, this drop of Vermillion Bird Divine Blood meant so much to Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign. Its value surpassed all the previous items.

“Great! I’ll accept this gift sincerely. Junior Jiang Chen, express my thanks to Star Sovereign when you return.”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign received the divine blood and spoke with incomparable delight. The divine blood certainly would leave a lasting impression in his head, which would make him remember Jiang Chen’s name. He was now looking at Jiang Chen with a pair of friendly eyes.

This was what Yu Huafan hoped to see the most. He secretly darted Jiang Chen a praising glance. The demeanour Jiang Chen displayed just now was breath-taking because he was merely an Immortal Venerable.

This bastard has stolen all the spotlight! Lan Xian mumbled resentfully through clenched teeth.

The others also cast a menacing look at Jiang Chen. In any case, Jiang Chen had robbed them of their limelight. Considering that all of them were competitive by nature, they naturally didn’t feel good about what just happened.

“Star Sovereign is indeed generous to have given out a rare treasure like the Vermillion Bird Divine Blood.”

Tan Jinye couldn’t help but remark. Logically, an expert who obtained a divine item like this would consume it at once. 

What followed next was the session of gift presentation of the other experts. Though their gifts couldn’t be compared to that of the nine great Immortal Courts, they were the best gifts they could present.

The session ended half an hour later. Undoubtedly, all the gifts obtained were sufficient to raise the overall strength of the island to another level.

Jiang Chen also sighed in his heart. With all these gifts, he was sure that he could advance to the Great Sovereign realm within two months’ time.

“Thank you for attending my birthday ceremony and all the precious gifts you have given me today. Let the feast begin!”

Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign spoke loudly. He then sat behind a broad rattan chair, attended by two beautiful girls on both sides.

More than a dozen young girls appeared in the sky, each of them having a graceful figure, their face covered with a white veil. They disappeared and appeared randomly, making it hard for the onlooker’s eyes to follow.

Some of them were plucking the qin. Some were blowing the flute, and some were performing a dance. The music was soft and gentle. Their body figures were wonderful and light as butterflies. This was a specially arranged performance. The emergence of these unparalleled beauties had attracted countless of attention.

Just as everyone was immersed in the state of joy and comfort, a black armoured guard was running into the square, looking flustered.

“What is it?”

Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign spoke. He was looking at the black-armoured guard, his face displaying slight anger. They definitely couldn’t afford to spoil the fun of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign.

“Sir, that Xiao Wangqing has arrived. He said that he’s here to attend the ceremony,” answered the black-armoured guard.

Hearing the name of Xiao Wangqing, Jiang Chen, who was about to slurp down a glass of wine, stopped drinking.

“Isn’t he forbidden from stepping into the Demonic Immortal Island? Ask him to leave,” said Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign impatiently.

“Sir, that Xiao Wangqing has already advanced to Great Sovereign realm. He insisted that he must attend the ceremony today.”

The black-armoured guard continued. Now that Xiao Wangqing had become a Great Sovereign, the guard had no right to chase him off the island.

Everyone knew that even a First Grade Great Sovereign would be respected anywhere he went. No one would dare to look down on a Great Sovereign.

“He’s still not allowed even if he has already become a Great Sovereign. Ask him to leave and stay away from Demonic Immortal Island forever. We won’t be polite to him if he comes again,” said Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign with impatience.

Next to them, Jiang Chen frowned slightly. From their conversation, it wasn’t difficult to learn that this wasn’t Xiao Wangqing’s first time coming to the Demonic Immortal Island, because even a black-armoured guard recognized Xiao Wangqing. It was imaginable that there was a long history between Xiao Wangqing and the Demonic Immortal Island.

Previously, Li Wangye thought that Xiao Wangqing was with Jiang Chen as though he had already expected Xiao Wangqing to come. Jiang Chen was certain that there must be something he didn’t know yet. However, judging from how Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign responded, they didn’t seem to welcome Xiao Wangqing.

“Yes, Sir.” The black-armoured guard saluted and left.

Jiang Chen quietly stood up from his heat.

“What’s wrong, Junior Brother Jiang?” Yu Huafan noticed the change on Jiang Chen’s face and asked.

“I’ll be right back in a short while.” Jiang Chen said and left the guest zone, following the black-armoured guard from behind.

Outside the gates of the island was the green-clad Xiao Wangqing, who was pacing back and forth, a stern expression on his face.

“Xiao Wangqing, you’d better go. Demon Sovereign doesn’t want to see you.”

The black-armoured guard waved. The expression displayed on his face wasn’t rudeness, but slight pity. Almost everyone on the island knew about the story of Xiao Wangqing. Although they knew that Xiao Wangqing was forbidden from stepping into the island, those who knew his story didn’t treat him badly.


Jiang Chen immediately stopped right in front of Xiao Wangqing.

“Jiang Chen, what are you doing here?” Seeing Jiang Chen, a hint of surprise and delight appeared on Xiao Wangqing’s face.

“Since young master knows who he is, young master better persuade him to give up.”

The black-armoured guard said. Knowing that Jiang Chen was a genius of Fengchi Immortal Court, his tone became distinctly polite.

Jiang Chen was still in puzzlement, because he knew nothing about the story of Xiao Wangqing. All along, Xiao Wangqing said nothing about it, and Jiang Chen didn’t ask about it. Judging by the situation, the story of Xiao Wangqing was indeed complicated. 

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