Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1962

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The sudden change immediately drew the attention of numerous people. Everyone was now looking in their direction. The ceremony was about to begin. All the guests happened to pass by here when they were heading towards the square. Aside from the experts of Mi Luo and Radiance Immortal Domain, there were also experts from all other Immortal Domains and numerous rogue cultivators from various islands, all of whom were looking intently at them.

“What’s the matter? Who’s that kid? He seems to have offended Mi Luo and Radiance Immortal Court quite badly.”

“A mere intermediate Immortal Venerable youth has offended two great Immortal Courts? I dare say that the grudges between them are far from ordinary.”

“This kid is just too bold to affront two Immortal Courts. Is he going to be alive in the near future?”

“Didn’t you see that he’s with Yu Huafan? That means he’s from Fengchi Immortal Court.”


Plenty of people began talking about the matter, although most of them were looking at the scene indifferently. Knowing that the nine Immortal Courts had never gotten along well with one another, it wasn’t unusual to see them fighting against each other.

“Junior Brother Jiang, how did you make so many enemies?”

Yu Huafan asked. He wasn’t just impressed, but also curious to find out how Jiang Chen did it. He couldn’t figure out how Jiang Chen was able to offend three great Immortal Courts simultaneously, and make them hate him so much.

One should know that not everyone could offend the Immortal Court.

“They wanted to kill me, so I killed them. That’s why they hate me.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, his face showed a look of helplessness. If he faced a situation similar to the one in Golden Horizon, he would surely respond the same way. After all, he just couldn’t sit there and do nothing when someone was trying to kill him.

“Jiang Chen, I never thought that you would dare to come to Demonic Immortal Island. That means today will be your date of death then. To save our effort in killing you, why don’t you kill yourself before us now?” Qin Xuanbing displayed a proud look.

Jiang Chen sneered, “Qin Xuanbing, what are you being so arrogant for? Your Immortal Court has been wanting to kill me, but I’m still very much alive until now. Don’t think you can act proudly before me just because you have become a First Grade Great Sovereign. Li Wangye was killed by me not long ago. If you attack now, I’ll end your life at once.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was tremendously arrogant. He obviously didn’t put Qin Xuanbing in his eyes. Given his current strength, he could easily kill Qin Xuanbing.

“What? You killed Li Wangye?”

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Qin Xuanbing and Qiu Qianyun exclaimed, their eyes widened. They even doubted what they had just heard, but Jiang Chen’s expression told them that Jiang Chen wasn’t lying, and he didn’t need to.

“Jiang Chen, it seems like you aren’t going to leave this island alive this time.”

At this time, a cold voice was heard. Everyone turned and saw a man. He was Lan Xian, the one who had escaped from the siege of Yu Huafan and Big Yellow. When he found out that Jiang Chen was here, his killing intent rose at once. He never wanted to kill someone so badly.

That day, he knew that it was impossible for him to kill Jiang Chen with his own strength, but now that the experts of Mi Luo and Radiance Immortal Court were present, Jiang Chen’s death was already certain. Yu Huafan and the dog wouldn’t be able to help him.

“A bereaved dog that has no shame, I feel ashamed for you.” Jiang Chen darted a glance at Lan Xian and spoke bluntly.

“F*** you!”

Lan Xian’s eyes seemed to be protruding. This time, he had lost too much. He still had no idea how he was going to face the Sovereign Lord when he returned.

“Lan Xian, is what Jiang Chen said true? Has Li Wangye really been killed by him?” Qin Xuanbing looked over at Lan Xian and asked.

“That’s right.”

Lan Xian nodded. He didn’t want to say too much because that was embarrassing, but Li Wangye’s death was one of the facts that he couldn’t deny.

This man grows too rapidly. And with his heaven-defying talent, he’s going to be a huge threat sooner or later. I must get rid of him today when I have the chance, otherwise, the troubles in the future will be inestimable.

Qiu Qianyun muttered coldly. A trace of seriousness was plastered in his eyes. Jiang Chen’s growth was too frightening. How long had it only been? He now had the ability to kill a Great Sovereign. If he was allowed to grow further, Qiu Qianyun was afraid that he would soon surpass all of them.

“Let’s join forces and kill this kid!”

Murderous intent burst out from Qin Xuanbing. In just a moment, the disciples of two great Immortal Courts had locked on Jiang Chen. The killing intent that radiated from these Great Sovereigns churned and form a storm, enshrouding a large area. Lan Xian also joined them. This was destined to be an intense battle.

“I dare any one of you to attack.” Yu Huafan spoke firmly, standing in front of Jiang Chen.

“Yu Huafan, you better not butt in, otherwise, you will be killed as well.”

A black-clad youth spoke. He was called Tan Jinye, a first-class genius from Mi Luo Immortal Court that was on par with Yu Huafan and Lan Xian.

“Humph! I, Yu Huafan, fear no one. The experts of Dragon Hall never compromise. I dare you all to try.” Yu Huafan harrumphed coldly. This had been how the people of Dragon Hall always acted.

“Don’t waste time talking with them. Attack now.”

Lan Xian prompted. Overwhelmed with vengeance and fury, he lunged at Yu Huafan. Now that he had the Mi Luo and Radiance Immortal Courts on his side, he wouldn’t miss this golden chance.


At this moment, a loud yell resounded from the interior of the island. Then, a sturdy middle-aged man flew over. His eyes were blue in colour. Demonic qi was rippling around his body. He was a peak Third Grade Demon Sovereign. The deterrence of such an expert was truly great.

“Everyone, you are all guests of our place. Today’s the birthday of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign, so he doesn’t hope to see fighting and killing today. You can settle the grudges after leaving Demonic Immortal Island.” The Third Grade Demon Sovereign said.  

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