Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1958

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Li Wangye, a first generation expert, was killed. Undoubtedly, the Water Dragon Seal was incomparably powerful. Coupled with the perfect environment, it wasn’t an accident that Li Wangye was killed by a single blow.

The power of the attack had in fact exceeded the power of the Slaughter Dragon Seal due to the particularly favourable environment.

Yu Huafan and Big Yellow came to Jiang Chen’s side and gave him their thumbs up, their faces brimming with admiration.

*Hua La!*

At this moment, Lan Xian and the rest rushed forth to encircle the three of them. Thick killing intent was displayed from their faces.

“Jiang Chen, you have killed our elder. We will not let this matter rest.”

Lan Xian spoke coldly but his inside was already boiling with fury. The death of the two tarnished not only his face, but also the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain.

If he let Jiang Chen leave under such a situation, he wouldn’t have the guts to return to the Immortal Court anymore.

So, he must eliminate Jiang Chen no matter what today. Only then could he regain his face.

“Lan Xian, Li Wangye accepted Jiang Chen’s challenge. You can only blame his incompetence,” said Yu Huafan angrily.

“Yu Huafan, we can settle our scores another day, but Jiang Chen has to die today. You’d better not interfere.” Lan Xian spoke firmly, seeming resolute to get rid of Jiang Chen.

“What a joke! You have to go through me first before you can kill Junior Brother Jiang.”

Yu Huafan released the entirety of his qi. The people of the Dragon Hall weren’t just powerful but also united. Yu Huafan would never leave Jiang Chen behind no matter how many enemies there were.

*Hong Long……*

Unexpectedly, as soon as Yu Huafan’s voice faded, the water below began to roar; waves began to form; boundless curtains of water rose to form several thousand miles of battlefield.

“Lan Xian, I’m going to kill you all even if you all don’t want to kill me. The conflict between your Immortal Court and me is irreconcilable. There’s nothing else we can talk about. Since we have met here, it’s either you die or I die. Li Wangye’s death is only the beginning. Today, neither of you can leave,” shouted Jiang Chen. 

Golden light was glowing from Big Yellow’s head; he was ready to charge forth.

Jiang Chen’s action stunned everyone. They all thought that Jiang Chen would choose to flee after killing Li Wangye, and were afraid that he would actually do so, however, what he did was the absolute opposite.

Not only did he not want to run, he wanted none of them to leave.

Sensing Jiang Chen’s killing intent, Lan Xian and the rest almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Was there a mistake? Jiang Chen was supposed to be their prey, but Jiang Chen didn’t seem frightened at all.

“What an arrogant kid! I would like to see what you can do.” Lan Xian bellowed, launching a violent punch towards Jiang Chen.

“Lan Xian, your opponent is me.” Yu Huafan lunged forward at once the moment he saw Lan Xian acted.

“That dog won’t be an easy opponent. Let me kill Jiang Chen, while the few of you will surround that dog.”

One First Grade Great Sovereign genius spoke before launching out a brilliant seal at Jiang Chen.


In response, Jiang Chen turned his palm and struck out the Water Dragon Seal. Countless waves of water collided with the Great Sovereign’s attack.

The water dragon was immediately torn apart, sending Jiang Chen three meters away.

The strength of a First Grade Great Sovereign genius was equivalent to an ordinary Second Grade Great Sovereign. Given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he wasn’t a match for such an opponent, but with the Water Dragon Seal and Great Void Technique, he could keep the opponent entangled in the battle. Moreover, it was also impossible for his opponent to kill him.

He wasn’t in a hurry. He would deal with whoever came to attack him. If he couldn’t defeat the opponent, he would keep the opponent occupied to buy time for Big Yellow, who already had thirty lines of Great Sovereign Law. In a real fight, Big Yellow was as strong as Yu Huafan and Lan Xian. Therefore, these geniuses wasn’t a problem for him.

Big Yellow was currently besieged by four people, one of them was a First Grade Great Sovereign, while the rest of them were all half-step Sovereigns. The Great Sovereign thrust his fist ahead, aiming for Big Yellow’s head.

“Son of a b**tch! Go to hell now!”

Big Yellow just stood there, with no intention of dodging, his golden head trained at the oncoming fist.


*Ka Cha!*

Along with the sound of broken bones, the First Grade Great Sovereign let out an exclamation of pain before he was sent flying away by Big Yellow’s head. His wrist was broken.


Before he had time to react, Big Yellow caught up with him in a ray of golden light. The three half-step Sovereigns froze. Big Yellow’s speed was just too fast. Although the three of them were ready to act, they didn’t seem to find a chance.



This time, Big Yellow’s head hit the head of the First Grade Great Sovereign ferociously. The genius was defenceless.

No one in the world had a head as hard as Big Yellow, so the consequences of being hit directly by Big Yellow’s head was imaginable.

That First Grade Great Sovereign’s head broke; he died on the spot.


The geniuses exclaimed in shock. 

This dog was too ruthless. Not even a First Grade Great Sovereign was his match. Although part of this was caused by the genius' underestimation of the enemy, they couldn’t deny the power and ferocity of Big Yellow.

“Good job, Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen grinned in delight. Big Yellow’s presence was the biggest motivation for him to eliminate them all. If there was only him and Yu Huafan, he would choose to flee without hesitation. 

“Big Yellow, I’ll let you handle this one. I’ll go and kill those three half-step Sovereigns.”

Jiang Chen whispered to Big Yellow. With the Great Void Technique, he fled the battle entanglement with the First Grade Great Sovereign and appeared in front of the three half-step Sovereigns.  

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